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You had me at...

Valentine's box

Happy Valentine's/Galentine's month loves! ❤️

Coffee?! Ah that warm hug that gets you ready for the day and makes you feel like you can conquer the world! I feel like Valentine's day used to be either a love or hate holiday. Now I feel like it has become more accepted because people have found that it does not have to mean one thing. Galentine's day ringing any bells? We have discovered that sometimes our girlfriends can be our soulmates, just because you are single does not mean you are not loved, and just because you are in a relationship, it does not mean that you have to make a big spectacle about the holiday. There are no rules! It is beautiful that we have become more open to celebrating all types of relationships, and the gifts that you give should reflect that! Instead of crying into your coffee this Valentines (or galentine's) day, let's focus on showing the people that we care about how much we love them!


It's this magic thing that makes the world go round. Who do you love? Your mom and dad? Your boyfriend or girlfriend? Husband or wife? How about your brother or sister? Best friend? Aunt? Uncle? Cousin? Valentine's day to me is about showing the people you care how much they are loved, not only on this day, but all year long! Holidays are a special time where we celebrate our loved ones and surprise them with sweet gestures. I have always absolutely loved picking out and putting together the perfect gifts for my friends and family, and now I love doing it for all of you! What better way to say "I love you," or "I miss you," than with a wonderful surprise gift box?! At J. Isabel Designs there is always a perfect gift for the guy or gal in your life! Pre-curated boxes and custom boxes are my love language, and I can help you perfectly express how you feel to all those that make your world go round. 💕


Visit to find the perfect gift for your loved one's, or even create something custom to really make someone feel special this Valentine's day and every day!

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