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Why don't you believe in me?

In life, there are people who believe in you, and people who don't. The only difference between these two sets of people, is who you choose to listen to.

You can't do that.

There have been many times in my life where people haven't believed in me. There have also been times that people said I couldn't do something. If I would have listened to them, I wouldn't be where I am today.

When I was in 6th grade, we moved across states, and just before 9th grade, we moved again. I wasn't particularly fond of having to start over making friends again, especially in the middle of High School, so I did a little research and approached my parents with an alternative. I wanted to finish High School online. 😱 This wasn't really a common or popular option back then, so boy was that a topic of discussion everywhere I went. My parents luckily were totally supportive of my decision, and were on board 100 percent. Everyone else, not so much.

Guess what, I finished top of my class, had a great experience, and got my diploma. That's the ultimate goal right? No High School drama, no bullies, and no distractions. For some people, High School is the best time of their life, for me, I was just fine with the friends I made outside of school, taking my education seriously, and spending more time doing what I wanted to do.

"Nobody will ever take you seriously with a degree from there."

Next came college. I enjoyed the online experience so much that I decided I wanted to complete my college education online as well. The negative feedback on this one was even worse, but the only thing that helped was the fact that all of a sudden online and non-traditional methods of attending school were starting to garner curiosity. Maybe I had been onto something after all? 🤔 I graduated with my Associates Degree, then my Bachelor's, and just last year I received my Master's Degree in Information Technology. Despite what everyone thought and said, online school was not any easier, and it may have actually been a little bit harder than traditional school. I had to basically teach myself, and when things got hard, I had to figure it out. I didn't have anyone else to cheat off of or get help from, I had myself. Of course there are teachers, but when they are not right in front of your face, you get resourceful. Personally, I feel like I learned a lot about life from that method of education. I definitely learned how to be more independent, I learned how to trust myself more, and I learned that despite what others said, I could come out on top.

Want to know what happened after I completed school online?

I received a great education, and then I started my own business. (Hey J. Isabel Designs! 👋🏻)


The girl who sat behind the computer for countless hours.

The girl who took her laptop everywhere so she could write endless papers, study lengthy documents, and engage in participation posts.

The girl who they said couldn't do it, or wouldn't succeed.

That girl! 👇🏻

Want to know what the haters, and the naysayers, and the critics say now?

How did you do it?

I want to do it.

My child wants to try online school.

I just took a couple classes online and loved it.

Great, so why did you torture me all those years ago? 🙄

Always keep moving forward!

Fast forward to today, and something that I have become passionate about. Fitness. I workout at the gym about 4-5 days a week, typically 2 hours a day. I have become fascinated with learning new exercises, improving my health both mentally and physically, and challenging myself to work my body in new ways. I am impressed with all that I have been able to accomplish in the last few months, but that has not always been met with the same enthusiasm from others as I have for myself.

I have had people say:

You can't lift that, it's too heavy.

I lifted it anyways. Oh, and I added weight.

This is for guys only.

So what, I just did it better than he did.

You can try, but I don't know if you'll like it.

I loved that. How can I make it harder?

Guess I just keep proving them wrong. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Today, I started to consider my fitness goals, and all of the times that I have been told "you can't do that" popped into my head. My own mind started to wander considering the thoughts I myself have had before.

You can't look like that because that isn't your body type. You can't wear that because you don't have that body type. You aren't comfortable in a bikini.

Yes, you can tell yourself that you can't do things also, but guess what friends, I want to change that.

I don't want to tell myself I can't, and I certainly don't want others to either. Lately, I have been proving to everyone around me, and myself, that I can do the things I put my mind to.

I have been finding more success in my small business, bigger victories at the gym, and an overall greatly improved outlook on life, by telling myself I can. I have also not been listening to those who say I can't and guess what...I prove them wrong e v e r y s i n g l e time. The only thing standing between you and achieving your dreams is YOU.

Now what do I say to these people and to myself?

Watch me. You'll see.

Moral of the story, if someone says you can't, ignore them. If you tell yourself you can't, you better turn that into an I CAN. Why? Because you are worth it. Because you can. You might have to work harder than someone else, it might take longer than you expect, but you can do it. I am proof that despite the odds, despite someone's reasoning, and despite your own insecurities, you can do what you set your mind and heart to. So my lovely readers, please listen to someone who doesn't want to tell you that you can't do something, but to someone that wants to tell you that you can, and you will.

Believe me. I believe in you. ❤️

xo, Jess

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