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The last blog post was about gaining real followers. Today, I am going to be discussing something that is quite opposite. This morning I woke up and saw something that upset me a little. The numbers in the images below represent a slight fluctuation in my follower count that happened overnight. Nothing major, and it happens often, sometimes going up and down 20-30 in a matter of minutes. What really bothered me is what I noticed right before this. In the creative community that I am a part of, you connect with people, you collaborate with them, and you follow along on their journey. All seems to be going well until you notice one day that they have unfollowed you. Whether it is out of curiosity that you checked, or you somehow noticed that you hadn't seen them around in a while, you notice and wonder why. Now it isn't the most dramatic thing to ever happen, but for a second it does hurt. You wonder why they decided it was no longer necessary to follow you. Is your content not good enough? Did you upset them in some way? Are you too small for them as they continue to grow and you are moving at a much slower pace? Truthfully, it could be any number of things and there are so many reasons that we lose followers. Guess what? Do not lose hope! You can be upset for a few minutes and then you have to move on. Why? Because you and I are incredible small business owners, entrepreneurs, and creatives and we don't need that kind of unnecessary negativity clouding up our already busy minds. 🙅🏼

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As I mentioned, there are many reasons your follower count changes dramatically, and you really mustn't be all that worried. Of course there are ways that you can make people want to unfollow you such as never posting, never interacting, and not posting quality content. (Remember we discussed what quality content is in my last post.) One way in which you lose followers that is out of your control is due to the fake Instagram pages that are actually bots that follow and unfollow people all day long. This was one of the more frustrating things for me to learn when I was first starting out, as I didn't understand how I could be up and down 100 followers overnight!

There are also people that are really concerned with their numbers and don't want to be following too many people, so they may unfollow those who they do not deem necessary to their success. I haven't quite figured out the reasoning for this one. Maybe it is due to one of those lovely new Instagram analytics things where your popularity and carefully calculated moves determines your place on this platform. 🙄 BOO! 👎🏻 Of course it could also be because they simply changed their mind about being interested in your content, and you can't really blame someone for that. Overall, unfollows are frustrating and can be discouraging when you do not have many followers yet, and even when you do have a good amount of followers. It is important to not let this bother you too much, and to actually use it as motivation. Keep putting out great content, keep connecting with your real followers, and keep seeking motivation! You've got this, I've got this, and together we can make this Instagram thing work for us no matter how many followers we have. 💕


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