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  • Jessica Isabel

Tis the season

You've heard people talk about the seasons of life right? Some months are good, some months are rough, and some months will change your life forever. Life is a series of moments, both good and bad, that challenge us, change us, and help us learn to grow and love. The seasons of your life have most likely been filled with love, loss, new experiences, adventure, growth, education, friendships, relationships, and more. We all face struggles, heartbreak, and pain just as much as the emotions we more readily seek to experience such as love, joy, and success. The timeline at which we experience these things is not set, and is different for everyone. Life is meant to be lived, but often we get wrapped up in feeling sorry for ourselves for the things that we have no control over. Someone falling out of love with us, someone leaving us, getting laid off from a job, failing in school, struggling financially, death, disease, and our own internal demons. More people than not are facing anxiety, depression, and societal pressures that make that whole "live your best life" bit kind of hard to achieve most days.

The greatest thing is that more and more people are choosing to share their stories, but there are still those who hide behind their gracious smiles and effervescent laugh. They choose to only share the most significant aspects of their lives, not realizing that the things they overlook are also important. It's necessary to experience and embrace the things that take you from your comfort zone and thrust you into new territory. It's necessary to be hurt, to be let down, and to fail. Strength is something that gets us through the days when the light seems dim, but strength only comes from experience. Strength comes from getting back up after falling down. It comes from learning new ways to approach something after you have failed too many times. This goes for careers, for relationships, for schoolwork, for sports, and for anything that takes courage, determination, and effort to succeed in. All things in life require these aspects to make it ahead. You cannot win, learn, love, and succeed without patience, passion, and a desire for more. Sometimes you might see someone who seemingly has it all together and who has had things handed to them. Let me tell you something. People are really good liars. People will smile to your face and cry themselves to sleep. People will brag about their "accomplishments", their physical possessions, and their relationships, and be one step away from cracking under the pressure of pretending. Fairy tales don't exist. Real life is hard work. Real love is hard work. Real success is hard work. Of course doing what you love makes it feel easier. Being with the right person makes the everyday challenges seem like less of a struggle, and seeing your determination pay off brings a great sense of relief, but none of it actually comes easy. Understand this and you'll begin to see your life in a different way.

Also, do yourself a favor and let go of the expectation that if your life doesn't look something like you and your perfect husband with flawlessly tanned abs chilling on a beach sipping out of coconuts ( and somehow simultaneously making millions,) that it isn't special and wonderful. First off, perfection doesn't exist, and second, who wants sand in their coconut water anyways? Just kidding. LOL Make your life the best it can be for YOU by allowing yourself ups and downs, wins and losses, failure and success. Love even though you have been hurt, keep giving even though you have been broken, share even though you have been let down, and never let anyone change who you are. The world, the Internet, your friends ( yes even your friends,) can be toxic and shitty, but that doesn't mean you have to give in to their bullshit and become toxic and shitty too. So go through your seasons with grace and humility, and remember that stormy seasons only last so long before the next one comes around with much needed sunshine and flowers.

xoxo, Jess

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