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  • Jessica Isabel

The road less traveled.

Open road

Starting your own business is...hard?

"Just go for it", they say. Start your own business! Be your own boss! It sounds exhilarating, amazing, ideal, and...entirely nuts and extremely intimidating! ALL AT ONE TIME. Yes that deserved capital letters and the equivalent of yelling on the internet. There is so much that you just don't know when you take that leap of faith and say ok, "I'm going to do this!" First off, you want to make sure all of the legal aspects are taken care of. B-O-R-I-N-G. Next, you have to make sure your taxes are all lined up. Yikes. You might be scared right out of your pants within the first few minutes of discussing the idea of this venture, but something inside you tells you to proceed, and that's when the magic happens!

Open road

Ok, so you survived the legalities! Yay! Now you set up all of your social media, you might even start up a website, open up shop, get really excited, but then guess what? You have no followers! Oh yes, the age of social media and everything you do being based off of likes, comments, and followers is upon us. Those first 100 followers will be the hardest thing you have fought for in a while! Once things get going and you get a steady flow of content, you realize that the amount of work that goes into being your own boss is way more intense than actually going to work. ( For some of you this may not be the case, but going off of personal experience here.) Whew! It is a long road, but at some point you look back at all of the hard work and realize it was all worth it.

The late nights. The copious amounts of coffee. The tears.

How about the crashed computers, lost packages, steadily decreasing followers (don't you just love those pages that automatically follow you, then leave like, bye Felicia), and my personal favorite, when you accidentally lose all of the work you spent countless hours doing right before you are finished. This may sound like a rant, but this is just business. Your business, my business, and everyone else who has taken on the challenge of being your own boss.

Just before you think your world is crashing down around you, something amazing happens. You get a sweet email from a happy client, you meet incredible creatives around the world that inspire you every day, and you start to reach milestones you never even knew you could. There it is! The reason why. The reason why you started your own business and took that chance. It is because you love it! You love what you do! You love the people you are surrounded by, you are following your dreams, exploring your passions, and you would not change a thing. ( Ok maybe you would wish that someone told you your computer was going to die right then, but that's life right ;) )

For those of you reading this as a small business owner, I commend you, I am inspired by you, and I wish you all the best on this long road ahead. We are in this together!

If you are a reader, I hope that this inspires you to explore your wildest dreams and see where the road ahead takes you. You never know where you might end up and that is what makes life beautiful!


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