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  • Jessica Isabel

The next step...

It's all about the next step.

The first step of my creative journey was taken long ago when I began putting together awesome gifts for my friends and family. After much encouragement and a leap of faith, I started my business J. Isabel Designs. My initial growth on Instagram was slow, but after a few months, I felt like I could really turn this into something awesome. Shortly after, my website and online shop were live. It felt like I was going in the right direction. Even still, it felt like something was missing. There was one thing that needed to come together to make this creative journey even more incredible. You know what it was? This blog!

Looking back now, it seems like everything I have done has led me to this moment. I love photography, travel, shopping, eating, cooking, and writing, to name a few, and I have always felt a strong need to share my photos and ideas. This is the next step! I am very excited to now have a place to write, a place to share, and a place to be able to look back on all of the incredible memories that life allows us to create everyday.

What was your first step? What is your next step? Think about it. Have you really taken a step back and looked at the progress you have made? Whatever you do, whatever you love, whatever you are passionate about, it finds it's way. If you are not sure how to answer these questions, I believe that it is time you try. It has helped me tremendously in finding direction, keeping motivated, and learning that not all failures are bad. Failure can lead you in a completely different direction that you would have never expected. And guess what! That could be the most amazing journey you have been on yet! So go ahead! Trust yourself and ask yourself what's my next step?


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