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The meaning of a custom gift.

What is a custom gift?

Is it a happy birthday? Is it a just stopping by to say hello? Is it an I hope you feel better soon? Maybe it's a sweet thank you for all that you have done?

J. Isabel Designs Birthday Gift

Truthfully, it is all of these things, and so much more. Gifting a custom gift with a specific individual in mind is selfless. It's a statement that says you were thinking of someone during an important time in their life, and that you wish to celebrate them, boost their confidence, or cheer them up in a time of need. It is rare today for people to be selfless. It is rare for people to care for others as they care for themselves, if not more. It is rare that we take the time and put in the effort to make someone else's day. At J. Isabel Designs, it is my goal to make your selfless acts of giving a wonderful process. Gifting a custom gift should not stress you out, but should bring you immense joy. You can trust that your loved one, friend, coworker, or anyone else who has changed your life in a positive way, will feel appreciated and loved. With a knack for knowing just what your recipient will like, I will put together unique gifts that are not only loved, but cherished. Every box is made with love, attention to detail, and an understanding that you want to make an impact. Custom gifting is not a superficial process, and it isn't about how expensive the gift is, or how big it is, but how it makes them feel. It is the ultimate goal to garner the perfect reaction from your recipient, and to remind them that they are cared for on that day and everyday. Love makes the world go round, let's share more of it.

Why gift custom?

You may wonder why letting someone else put together the perfect gift for you is a good idea. I say this. Sometimes we are so wrapped up in our world, that it can be hard to take a step back and make the time for the things that we want to achieve. Maybe you can't set aside the few minutes to head to the store and pickup a nice card and some candy? Maybe you just get stuck thinking about what they would like because you have so many ideas? Maybe you just don't have a clue, and you don't want to screw it up? Ordering a custom gift takes the stress and hard work out of the process, and brings more joy to gift giving. You shouldn't have to stress about your best friends beautiful baby shower coming up, or your sisters wedding, or asking your girls to be your bridesmaids. These should be happy times that are spent celebrating and appreciating the people you love. You can totally save the stress for choosing whether to wear the red dress or the blue dress instead. 😉

J. Isabel Designs Gift Box

J. Isabel Designs Gift Box

J. Isabel Designs Gift Box

But they are so expensive.

Again, a custom gift does not always have to be expensive, but think about what you are really paying for. You are paying for something that nobody else has. You are paying for something unique and with your recipient in mind. I do not like to make the same gift over and over again, and like to change up the little details that make each gift different from the next. When you gift custom with J. Isabel Designs, you are paying for a beautiful experience. You have someone that is taking their time to think about your message, your recipient, and your experience. I want you to be happy and satisfied, and I want your recipient to truly enjoy the gift they receive. It's not just another card signed in the car on the way in the door, it's not just a gift basket from the the kiosk guy at the mall, and it's not just a bag thrown together with mismatched tissue. No judgement here I have totally done all of these things before last minute gatherings! 🙊 What you are paying for is a carefully curated gift filled with hand-selected items, hand-written notes and calligraphy tags, and the creativity and love of a person who is just as passionate about your gift and recipient as you are. Most of the items used in my gifts are also made by wonderful makers that put all of themselves into their lovely products, and work very hard to share their passions with the world. I love to highlight these amazing individuals and their creativity in my gift boxes. I am a very strong proponent of shopping small and supporting individuals like myself who embrace their creativity, spread love, and explore their passions.

P.S. When you buy from a small shop, you are literally making someone's day, week, and year. Every gift that I get to make brings me the most amazing feelings of joy, excitement, and thrill. I am beyond elated every time I get the opportunity to put together something new, and to see how awesome of a reaction I can get this time. If you are one of my clients from this last year, I thank you so much for supporting me and letting me live out my dreams every day with J. Isabel Designs! 😘

The main thing I want you to take away from this post is that life is a beautiful thing filled with wonderful moments, exciting events, and incredible people. It is important to fully celebrate and enjoy these special times with the individuals we care about most. Think about those around you, the love you share, and remember to embrace all of the precious moments. Don't let life pass you by and don't forget to remind those around you how much you appreciate them everyday. Oh, also, remember that a custom gift is a great way to do so! 😉


Checkout the shop or email to get started making your custom gift!

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