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  • Jessica Isabel

The future.

Donut stop believing.

Does anybody else sit and think about the future?

What will I be doing in 5 years? In 10 years?

What will I look like?

Who will I love? Who will love me?

Where will I be?

I have been asking myself these questions a lot lately, and sometimes I get a little overwhelmed thinking about the possible outcomes. If you didn't already know, I am 25 years old, single, and do not have any children. My future is a book of open pages ready to be filled with new adventures, tough decisions, challenges, and excitement. When I think about the future, I wonder if I will still be making gift boxes, or writing blogs, or taking photos. I wonder if I will be married, if I will have children, and if I will ever find that type of love you see in the movies and ooh and ahh over. I wonder about the future of those around me. How will my friends and family fair in the years ahead? How will the world look in 5 or 10 years?

Thinking about all of these things always seems to bring me back to one question, and my one greatest wish.

What will be bring me happiness?

I simply want to be happy.

Truly happy.

That is all.

Whatever that looks like is fine with me. If I am making gift boxes...great! If I am taking photos..great! If I am rescuing chihuahuas somewhere...great! As long as I am happy.

What about love? If I get married..awesome! If I have babies...I think I'd make a great mom. If I find a love like the movies? If I dont...that's fine too!

What if the things that others want don't make me happy?

At the moment, my ultimate goals might not look like others. I don't feel like I need to be rich to be happy. I don't feel like I need a husband to make me happy. I don't feel like a child would fill some empty void deep inside me.

Now maybe in 5 years, or 10, things will change. As of now, I am happy.

Wow. Amazing right? When you really look around and think about what you want, you might realize that you already have it. If anything else grand and new comes along, it might just add to your current happiness, and that's alright too!

Life is about understanding your circumstances, accepting that it is what you make it, and that you have the ability to make it whatever you want it to be. Yes, you control your happiness. How about that?

Do you want to get married? Do it! Do you want to have kids? Do it! Do you want to start your own business? Do it! Do you want to rescue chihuahuas? Do it!

Why wait 5 or 10 years to be happy? So you think..

What if happiness is right in front of us now? Or what if it's one decision away, when we finally decide to risk it all, let go, and take an amazing chance on something that will make us incredibly happy? You just never know, but you've just got to try!

Just barely passing 1 year with my small business J. Isabel Designs, I have considered all of the things that I've accomplished so far, and all that I want to accomplish in the future, and I am proud and excited that I took those first steps 1 year ago. I was scared, I was nervous, and I didn't think I could do it, but look at me now! I'm doing it. And you can do it too!

So friends, what's stopping you from being happy? Maybe it's you.

Just go for it!

If you aren't happy, than change something. Do something unexpected. Do something that scares you, and always remember that the best things are often on the other side of fear.

P.S. I am talking about legal things here folks! 😂


xo, Jess

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