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  • Jessica Isabel

Social distancing.

I've been a shy person most of my life. An introvert all of my adult years, and someone who quite honestly enjoys her space. Being quarantined in my home sounds like a typical Friday night for me. Even so, I still do go a little stir crazy at times. Apart from a few months ago, I've been a home based business for the last 4 years. Working from home has it's perks for sure, like working in your pajamas and having an unlimited access to snacks, but what people don't realize is that it does sometimes get lonely, and you often want to get out of the house so badly that you find excuses to go "run more errands." Since moving into my studio a few months ago, I have found that it is nice to occasionally work from home, but having a place to go and a more established schedule feels more organized to me. I love getting up and getting ready to go.

Being locked up temporarily doesn't seem like a bad idea. At the same time, it feels slightly more inconvenient when you realize it's more mandatory than a welcome chosen decision. I like to stay home, but not when I'm told to do so. You know what I mean? As a side hustle, I walk some dogs in my neighborhood and I feel like that has definitely saved me. Getting some exercise even though I can't hit the gym, and also getting some fresh air is very welcome. The days have been mostly nice out, despite the occasional rain, and it's nice to see other people enjoying it also. People who have been reluctantly given time off of work now finding themselves able to live a little bit more. Able to spend time with loved ones, get face time with children, and have meaningful conversations with their significant others. It's nice to see really. More people taking care of themselves, focusing on health and fitness, and ironically finding themselves ((slightly)) less stressed in some ways.

It's a tough card we've been dealt, but we are strong and we can handle it. Maybe it's not such a bad thing to slow life down a bit? Take it all in. Soak up the moments you would normally have missed because you were trapped behind the desk at your nine to five. Enjoy the sit down dinners that you now have time to cook and enjoy because you have to eat together at the dinner table instead of worlds apart at a restaurant. Enjoy the community. Sure, there is panic, but have you also noticed that people are reaching out to help each other out? Helping their elderly neighbors, offering to pick up and deliver food, offering child care and other services? People sharing necessities and supplies. Yes, people are scared, but they are also more willing than ever to support each other and that's a very beautiful thing. Now more than ever it is important to be kind. We must remain isolated in our homes, but we must not shut each other out of our hearts. We have been forced to communicate in ways that we have abandoned. Pick up the phone and call? Never heard of that before right? Send a letter? It's been ages! The further apart we must sit, the more we crave connection. Let this be a lesson. Never again take for granted coffee shop dates, school activities, going to work, eating at your favorite restaurant, grocery shopping, a trip to the mall. You didn't realize how much you would miss because you thought it would always be right there at your disposal.

Now is not the time to panic and go out and buy all of the toilet paper. Now is the time to reach out to friends and family and make sure they are ok. Now is the time to make sure you have necessary items at home such as medications, and food, and water, but only in necessary quantities. We have to be in this together or we won't make it through to the other side. You decide. Unite or fall? Take care of your family first, and then see if you can be of assistance to anyone else. Do your part. And for the millionth time, WASH YOUR HANDS. Please and thank you.

Coronavirus pandemic 2020. We will survive you. We will thank you for teaching us important lessons, and we will come out stronger on the other side. Stay strong, remain calm, and take a really really deep breath. We are going to be ok.

xoxo, Jess

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