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So much to do. So little motivation.

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Not every day starts inspired.

Some days I need a boost of motivation. Sometimes I am little discouraged that day. Sometimes it's an entire week. A week of wondering what am I doing with my life, or is what I am doing working? Being a small business owner is a lot of work. Definitely rewarding and awesome, but still a lot of work! There are good days and bad. There are tears, laughter, and immense joy. ( Sometimes on the same day!) Although these emotions are fleeting, when I am right in the middle of it, I wonder how long it will last. The best part about life is that the worst day is only 24 hours long. Every morning allows the opportunity to start over and see things with brand new eyes. My favorite way to handle stress is to ask myself, "will this matter in...a week, a month, a year?" Usually when I look at things that way, it may seem pretty silly why I am stressing in the first place. More often than not, my type of stress is not that easily cast away, but there are things that help keep me getting too overwhelmed. The best thing I feel one can do is to inspire and motivate themselves. Only I can control my mood and change my mind. I tell myself, why not start with yourself when you need a little cheering up?

What motivates you?

For those of you who can relate to those days that lack inspiration, I believe it is important to ask yourself what motivates you. Is it your family? Your friends? A new dress you saw at the mall? That shiny new car on the lot? Or just the feeling of reaching your goals and following your dreams? Whatever it is, write it down, take a picture of it, and constantly look at it as a reminder of why you do what you do. It can be something simple and small or something large, but it can keep you going! Other ways that I love to stay inspired are to write, take photos, and get outside! Writing down your thoughts is not only therapeutic, but it can help you sort things out that you may not have been able to figure out before. Taking up photography can help you see the world differently. Sometimes seeing trees and flowers through a different lens (pun intended) can help you change your perspective on things. Getting outside with nature allows you to forget everything that is going on, and to discover the beauty of what lies right outside your door! You can be inspired by the sky, the ocean, or beautiful trees swaying in the wind. Try it, and you will see that often life is about inspiration and motivation, and you can give these things to yourself. Who better to motivate you than you?


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