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  • Jessica Isabel

Smile Fearlessly- Small biz confidence

My small business J. Isabel Designs keeps me very busy. A huge part of my business is keeping up to date with my followers and community on social media. I am constantly in the spotlight posting photos and Instagram stories to keep my audience up to date on my new products, daily tasks, and announcements. When I feel confident, my Instagram stories are better, my posts are more welcoming, and my audience responds! What keeps me feeling confident? My bright, white smile! I take pride in taking care of my smile, which I feel is one of my best assets. As someone who has worn braces and has embraced countless dentist and orthodontic appointments over the years, I understand the importance of maintenance in keeping your smile looking it's best, so you can feel your best! Smile Brilliant is one of my favorite companies for teeth whitening, and now they also have an amazing ultrasonic electric toothbrush called cariPro Ultrasonic! I had used an electric toothbrush many years ago, but this was the first time that I had used one recently, and I swear I will never go back to regular brushing!

The Smile Brilliant cariPro Ultrasonic has five brushing modes for all of your main concerns such as deep cleaning, whitening, gum care, and there is even a mode for sensitivity. I also love how the timer alerts you when it's time to switch to a different area of the mouth, ensuring that you get your full two minutes and never miss a spot! I am often in a rush in the morning, and this allows me to ensure that I am spending the right amount of time on this important task.

The Smile Brilliant cariPro Ultrasonic comes with two brush heads and a charging stand, and is also waterproof! Sometimes I like to save time by brushing my teeth while I am still in the shower, so this being waterproof is very convenient. My first experience using the cariPro Ultrasonic was the most fun I had brushing my teeth in a while. I was pleasantly surprised at how powerful it was, and it really felt like I was getting a good deep cleaning. I also loved the gum care and massage modes because I felt like my gums were getting a special treatment.

In combination with my favorite toothpaste and my Smile Brilliant whitening trays , my smile has never been brighter and my mouth has never felt cleaner! I feel ready to face the world, chase my dreams, and fulfill all of my #smallbiz goals!

xoxo Jess

Checkout the cariPro Ultrasonic for yourself, and always be ready to #smilefearlessly!

Use code: jisabeldesigns25 for 20 % off your own cariPRO Ultrasonic electric toothbrush!


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