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Show your brilliant smile. Best at home whitening kit. (Giveaway!)

My small business, J. Isabel Designs, is my heart and soul and my deepest passion, wrapped up in adorable wood boxes with a perfect bow. My business is everything to me, and I am everything to it. I am the photographer, the designer, the caption maker, the editor, and most important of all, the face. I am the person that delivers your gift boxes, the one on the about me page, and the person behind the scenes in all of those interesting Insta stories. 🤣 I'm all about real life in my Insta stories, and I can be seen with crazy hair, no makeup, and disheveled eyebrows some days, but the one thing that I like to think stands out is my smile. I am the face of this business, and I like to put my best face forward. 😉 It is important to me to have a great smile when greeting clients, delivering gifts, and when introducing my business to the world. Being that I do not have a lot of time for pampering, I have to fit my beauty routine in between photo shoots, wrestling with crinkle paper, and googling what rhymes with cactus so I can create the best witty caption for my Instagram photo. ( BTW, there are not many cute puns about cactus LOL)

When Smile Brilliant reached out to me to try their whitening kit, I was so excited! I love whitening my teeth and have previously used white strips to keep my smile looking bright, but I had never tried whitening trays. My teeth were not extremely yellow, but having been so busy, I had not had time to maintain a consistent whitening routine for quite some time. I felt like my smile was needing a boost, and this opportunity seemed to come at just the right moment! When the package arrived, it contained all of the materials to create your own custom whitening trays. Yes! CUSTOM! Just for you! It also has all of the whitening gels, and easy instructions for how to get started and how the whole process works.

✨ (P.S. Keep reading for an awesome GIVEAWAY and discount code!) ✨

I followed the directions for mixing the provided materials together to create the blue putty to make the impressions for my custom whitening trays. I placed it in the provided trays ( one for the top teeth and one for the bottom), and easily created the molds. I must admit it was fun to make the molds and see the impressions of your teeth! I sent the impressions out in the provided packaging, and simply dropped it off at my mail office.

My new custom whitening trays arrived very quickly and fit perfectly!

One thing that I really love about this product is the desensitizing gel! I had BARELY any sensitivity during the process at all, as long as I followed the directions and made sure to avoid getting the whitening gel on my gums. This desensitizing gel was a total life saver and has forever changed my whitening game!

It is very simple to apply the gel to the whitening trays and each syringe lasted a long time! There is a lot of product in each, and you do not need to fill the entire tray to cover your teeth.

The best part of the process was being able to wear the dental whitening trays whenever, and not even realize they were in. I was able to work on boxes, take photos, and write blog posts, all while whitening my teeth! The convenience is amazing and I am so glad to have a found a product that not only works with my busy schedule, but that actually WORKS! I started noticing a difference in my teeth after a few uses, and I varied the length of time at which I used them. Some days I left them in for a few hours ( the max recommended is 3), or just 45 minutes to make sure I was getting the most out of each session. The time seemed to fly by, and the 15 minutes of desensitizing gel was totally worth it at the end.

I am proud to show off my brighter smile, and I can feel confident greeting clients and making all those crazy Instagram stories for my followers! Smile Brilliant has made it easy for this busy #girlboss to keep up on feeling pretty and pampered all while taking care of business! 😉

Think your smile could use a little boost? Enter to win a $139 credit toward your own whitening system!

Giveaway link: www.smilebrilliant.com/g/jisabeldesigns

$$15 tray kit coupon code: jisabeldesigns15

xo, Jess

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