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  • Jessica Isabel

Self-doubt- A dream killer.

“Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.”

Suzy Kassem

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Self-doubt is an incredible thing that makes you question every decision you make. It can talk you out of trying new things, meeting new people, and advancing in many aspects of your life. As a small business owner, self-doubt can be the difference between success and failure. What is success actually? Success to many is an end goal with monetary rewards and maybe a little recognition. Many people feel as though not reaching this idea of success in a certain amount of time, or at all, means that they must quit. What are the quitting really when they give up? They are quitting themselves, they are quitting their dreams, and their are quitting their happiness. There is no better feeling than waking up everyday knowing that you are following your dreams. No matter how large or small they may be, you can work towards them a little bit each day. I am not saying that having your own business is the only way to chase your dreams either. There are so many ways that we can explore our passions and find out what really makes us happy. In life, we are given the opportunity to make choices. We are faced with decisions everyday that move us in different directions. Some decisions move us closer to our happy place, and others move us further away. Often, self-doubt can creep in and lead us to make the decisions to pull us further from our intended destination. When starting something new there is always that concern that you won't be good enough, that you are too scared to chase the things you want, or that you won't have the necessary resources to accomplish it. Guess what? DO IT ANYWAY! There is no bigger regret than looking back and realizing you had the chance to do something to make you happy, and you did not take the opportunity. So many of us put our dreams on hold for others, or because we don't believe in ourselves enough to take the first steps. I am living proof that you can doubt yourself all you want, and no matter how long it takes or how hard it is, it will always be worth jumping in and taking that step.

There will be good days and bad, but it will all be worth it in the end.

There will definitely be times when you feel stuck, and lost, and confused. You will definitely want to cry and quit, and you will stay awake for hours at night contemplating your next move. You know what the next move is? To simply keep going! Keep moving, keep struggling, keep thinking, keep feeling. All of the emotions that you will go through will push you out of your comfort zone and toward places that you never expected to be. If you have no idea where to start or how to continue, take a look at your passions and they will guide you. Consider what you truly love and you will be inspired. Always look within yourself for motivation because even on your toughest days where self-doubt is fighting to bring you down, you can hit back. Hit back hard, face your fears, ignore the naysayers and fall in love with your accomplishments.


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