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You know that I love getting real, and today I'm breaking down my Instagram ( keyword MY.) This is what has worked for >>>me<<< in growing my amazing community. Lovely, real, wonderful and supportive followers! Tips, tricks, and answers. You ready?

I love my Instagram community! I love sharing, and relating, and struggling together. Yes, we are all in this together. You and me. We are creatives, we are small business owners, makers, mamas, best friends, and followers. We support each other, we share our secrets and struggles, great days, tough days, and the ins and outs of running our little piece of this world.

Before I dive in let me ask you a question.

Why are you here?

To make lots of money? To gain 10K followers? To find clients to sell your products to? To connect with more people just like you?

No judgement over here. You can be any of these, or a combo of a few of them, or something else entirely.

Whatever your goals are or your hearts desires, the first thing that you must have is PASSION.

If you're not passionate about this, or it, or something, you will not achieve the success that you want.

Passion keeps you going, it lights your fire, it pushes you when things get tough ( and boy will they get tough,) and it gives you a reason. A reason to keep pushing, to fight, to stay up all night, to jump out of bed early in the morning.

So you have something that you're passionate about? Good. Next step.

Instagram can be a tricky thing navigate, and it is important to understand your audience and your intentions. In order to gain real followers you must be willing to open yourself up and share. You must be willing to reveal some things about yourself. Real people love to follow REAL people. People with goals, and dreams, and struggles. They want to relate, but they also want someone to look up to. Someone that is chasing their dreams and not taking no for an answer. There is no better feeling than someone telling you that they decided to go for it because you showed them that it was possible.

My number one tip for when you are starting your journey of growth is to SHOW UP. All the time. Post as often as you can, post videos to your Instagram story, respond to comments, share engaging captions, and share what you love.

When posting, you can post a max of two to three posts a day, but anything more is not necessary. You do not even have to post every single day, but at a least a few times a week. Also, do not be too concerned with how "flawless" your photos look or how "perfect" your captions are. Perfection is unrealistic anyways. We are trying to attract real, so why would you try to be fake? Post about your hobbies, your passions, your behind the scenes business tasks, and anything that makes you happy! I post about my small biz, Target, and food. Yup that sums me up! 😂

Insta stories tip: Don't worry about looking weird or sounding funny. Be yourself!

Instagram stories are where the magic happens people! Your followers want to see your behind the scenes. They want to see your day to day, your work space, your favorite things, and your face. That's right. People want to know who they are following, and they want you to give them a reason why. Are you funny? Do you share common interests with them? Do you have a super cool creative passion? This is what people want to follow. A real person with hopes and dreams and desires, and jokes are pretty cool too! ;) Instagram stories provide a little insight into what you do, who you are, and where you come from, and that is great for building a genuine community.

Interaction tip: Try to respond to all of your comments!

Responding to comments is very important because interacting with your followers is how you get people to want to stay and to really enjoy following you. Nobody truly enjoys following someone who just wants fame and fortune and only posts sponsored ads. BORING. Thank you, next. You know those pages that are so structured that it makes you feel like you're following a robot? They never respond to anything, and they are so untouchable that you cannot even slide into their DM's to respond saying how much you love their $400 sweater. Nobody likes that. Let's be real. ( Pun intended) RESPOND. Say thank you. Return a follow here and there. Nobody looks down on you if you follow someone back ,or if you follow more people than you have followers. Stop playing games. Do not be a part of the follow/unfollow group who really ruins the awesome community thing we have going on.

Followers tip: If you love a new followers content, follow them back!

That brings me to sharing engaging captions. Ask your followers questions. Share your favorite hobbies, or your current mood, or something delicious that you ate today, and ask about their day. Sharing common interests is not only great for making genuine connections, but it is fun to see what other people are interested in all over the world!

Lastly, share what you love. That's why we are here. Talk about your family, talk about your favorite places to shop (Hey TARGET 😍), talk about your products or services with the same passion that led to you to chase them. Don't push people into something, but guide them. Show them why you are awesome, tell them why you love what you do, and help them to fall in love with your passions the way you continue to do every single day. Always tell yourself that you are awesome. Be confident. Present your dreams and goals in a way that inspires others. I love to inspire my community, and they respond by inspiring me right back. It's really something special!

Insta tip: Use Facebook! Facebook has awesome groups that you can join to discover new people outside of your niche!

Let's get really real here for a moment shall we. We all have something that we want from Instagram. We want more followers, we want to work with companies and get sent cool products to try, we want to win over new clients to buy our products or subscribe to our services. I get it. I'm selling something too. Gift boxes BTW in case you didn't know! ;) I definitely want people to check out my website and love my gift boxes, but I don't want to just push sales and be another person trying to take your money. I want you to trust my process. I want you to love who you are following and want to share my products with your loved ones because you believe in what I do. The best part? I have that. I have amazing followers that believe in me, that support me, and that buy my products because we have built this amazing community together. From the ground up. From square one. From 0 followers to 4,300 friends. No services, no games, no paying someone to add numbers next to my name. Nope. That's all me. That's almost 3 years of hard work. That's consistency and that's SHOWING UP. Every single day. No matter how tired I am, no matter how defeated I feel, and no matter how much I want to give up some days. I NEVER give up or give in to bad days, to negativity, or to failure. You have to keep going. Instagram can be a challenge, but the harder you think it is, the harder you must fight to get what you want. Hard work pays off!! Trust me.

I could talk for hours about all of my favorite tips and tricks, but nobody wants to sit here that long right? LOL

Have any more questions? DM me, email me, respond to my latest post or comment on this post and ask away! I'm always listening.

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