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  • Jessica Isabel

Rainy Days

Embrace the crazy. Embrace life. Embrace chaos.

There is something about rain that makes everything seem more beautiful. Rainy days cleanse away the bad; washing away bad air, bad vibes, and negativity, and leaving behind a fresh start and a clean slate. There is something about staying inside and cuddling up on a rainy day. Staying warm, cooking, and listening the soothing drops hit the roof. There is also something peaceful about the intensity swirling around outside. The gusts of wind, and the thunder and lightening. It's a storm, and it's beautiful. To some, it is an inconvenience to be caught in the rain. To others, like myself, it is exhilarating. The cool fresh air, the rain drops, the wind. It's magical. It's freeing. To jump in a puddle as a child is an adventure, to jump in a puddle as an adult is a questionable act, but that is what makes it all the more exciting. Why is it forbidden to enjoy life and to have fun as you get older? It really shouldn't be. I say we should get caught in the rain more often; jump in the puddles, embrace the messy hair, the smudged makeup, and the craziness of it all. Here's to more rainy days, more storms, and more beauty in the midst of chaos.


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