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  • Jessica Isabel

What makes a great gift?

We believe that a great gift is an experience. It is fun, useful, and exciting! Custom gifts allow us to cater to the recipient and include their favorite things, along with a mix of our favorite things.

A few of our favorite items to include in custom gifts are unique coffee mugs, yummy treats, luxurious spa products, and delightfully scented candles.

Our extra special details are what really ties everything together. Our hand-written calligraphy tags, custom engraving, acrylic lids, handmade wood boxes, and hand-written notes are what set us apart.

A birthday has never been sweeter, thank you has never been more chic, and congratulations has never looked so fun! Celebrate all of your special occasions with us and you'll never have to worry about the perfect gift ever again!

birthday gift box
Birthday in a box gift

Thank you wood gift box
Thank you gift

Housewarming gift
Custom housewarming gift

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