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  • Jessica Isabel

No regrets

Updated: Nov 13, 2018

You're only human

If you're human it is guaranteed that you have made a mistake ( or two) in your life. You may have done or said things that you are not proud of. You may have hurt people, or you may have been hurt. You may have lost someone close to you whether it be through death or other circumstances. You may have tried and failed, lived and learned, loved and lost. Through it all, there are some days that will be tougher than others. Some days you will look back and wonder if you should have done something differently. Days where you wish you could take something back. Days where you strongly desire to go back in time. Maybe to meet someone all over again, or to not meet them at all. Days where you want to choose a different path, make a different statement, or change a decision. That's ok. There is one thing though that I will not let my mind accept, and that is regret. I do not regret anything. I mean that. I don't regret the first boy that ever broke my heart into a million pieces. I don't regret the last words I said to someone that I loved so deeply before removing them from my life because they were toxic. I do not regret this date, or that kiss, or completing college online, or choosing to follow my dreams even if it means long days and longer nights without a huge monetary return just yet. I do not regret choosing myself over others sometimes. I also do not regret loving others more than myself at other times. I do not regret caring more than the next person or being a good person. I do not regret choosing quality over quantity when it comes to my friendships. I do not regret choosing to stay home over partying every night. ( I was recently told that I was sooo old for my age.) Thank you. I appreciate that you see me as someone who chooses to work hard over party hard. I love that you do not look at me and think wow she's promiscuous. I enjoy being the one that my friends go to for advice.

Even though I am "more mature for my age" that does mean that I am void of fun. I have fun. Absolutely! I can drink Jameson straight out of the bottle. I have impromptu dance parties where I sing until the dogs in the neighborhood won't stop yelling until I stop wailing. I love backyard BBQ's and parties at the park. I love a good night out trying a new restaurant with friends. I love long walks down the aisles of Target. ( Ok my idea of fun only? ;)) Point is, is that I have fun, but I am also responsible. Do I regret that? NOPE. So you can call me boring, you can make fun of me for paying my bills on time, and criticize me for not juggling three boyfriends at once, but I don't mind one bit. I love my life. Sure, I have hard days. Some days I feel lonely, or uninspired, or tired. Some days I feel like I'm failing or I'm not good enough. Some days I cry. Some days I'm moody. ( Well, usually because I'm hangry LOL) Moral of the story...I don't have regrets. Every decision, every kiss, every mistake has brought me here. It has made me stronger, braver, bolder, happier. It has helped my business grow beyond it's expected potential because throughout it's life I have been broken, I have been challenged and changed, and questioned, and told no. I have struggled, I have developed new skills and ways to manage stress, and I have not given up e-v-e-r. That't the funny thing about life. If we tell ourselves this is happening FOR us rather than TO us, our perspective can really change what we receive from the situations we face. Everything happens for a reason, so do not regret a single second! That's it loves, that's the secret. To success, to life, to love, to happiness, to fulfilling your goals and dreams. Be happy with yourself and your decisions, keep moving on no matter how tough it gets, and NEVER give up. Also, always be gentle with yourself. Not everyday will be rainbows and sunshine and only when you go through something will you grow from it. The lessons are not always clear at first, but once you get through it, you will see.

It all lies within you.

xoxo Jess

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