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  • Jessica Isabel

Never settle.

Brave girl, never settle again.

It has taken me years to love myself, to trust myself, and to be myself, and I am damn sure not going to let anyone talk me into accepting less than what I deserve, being treated as less than I am, and striving for less than what I am capable of achieving.

Often we settle for friendships, relationships, and careers that are not for us, that do not serve us, and that do not make us happy. We must stop this pattern of settling for less!

We deserve more. We desire more. We are worth more. We simply are, more.

Do not settle for:

-Second best

-Last resort

-Backup plan

-Back burner

-Left on read



-Less than you deserve

-Just good enough

Do not settle because:

-You are lonely

-You are tired

-You feel weak

-You feel defeated

-You fear rejection

-You do not think you are enough

You are enough because:

-You are YOU

-You are amazing

-You are strong

-You are kind

-You are brave

-You are bold

-You were made to be flawed

You should always remember:

-There is no such thing as perfection.

-You are responsible for your own happiness.

-You should not care what others think, the only opinion that matters is yours.

-Everything happens for a reason. ( My personal fave and life mantra!)

-You are stronger, braver, and more prepared than you think.

-You CAN do it.

-You deserve love.

-Good people are often taken advantage of and taken for granted, be good anyways.


Whatever your career path, the status of your love life, or the size of your social circle, nothing in life is worth settling for when you deserve so much more.

It doesn't matter what people will think of your career choice, if you are unhappy do not stay at that job that poisons your spirit.

It doesn't matter the size of your paycheck, do not settle for a career that will make you cringe when you look back on the years of your life wasted because it did not feed your passions or make you happy.

It doesn't matter if deep down he's a good guy, but he is mentally or physically abusive, do not settle for being tortured because you are lonely.

It doesn't matter if she is the perfect woman in every other way, but she doesn't support your dreams and puts you down daily, do not settle for being disrespected because you want to impress your friends and family.

It doesn't matter if they are your squad or the people you have known the longest, do not settle for friendships that are one-sided, negative, or that break you down.

Remember that years down the road you will look back on your life and you do not want to have regrets because you stayed longer than you should have, because you changed yourself to fit a mold or someone else's ideal, or because you were too scared to take a risk.

Also remember that many are not so lucky to have all that time. Do not take for granted happiness, love, and your well-being. Jobs, relationships, and friendships come and go, but you are forever. Your relationship with yourself must come first. Your mental state must be at the top of your list, you must take care of yourself because nobody else can do that better than you, and your happiness and not an option, it's a priority.

Have a wonderful Monday.

xoxo, Jess

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