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My squad, my crew, my...skincare products?

Being a small business owner, I am often busy with day to day tasks, putting together gifts, and blogging. I have always been one to paint my nails, give myself facials, and wear spa socks to bed at night, but over the past year I have not had nearly as much time to do this as often as I would like. I have found that I need products that can help me maintain my beauty routine, but that do not require too many steps. I have simplified my routine a lot over the last year, and have discovered some amazing products along the way. For all my readers, fellow #girlbosses, and skin care junkies, this ones for you!

La Roche-Posay and Acure Skincare

My skin type: Combination, oily t-zone, sensitive, and stress breakouts. Sounds like fun right? 😆

My skin has always been quite sensitive and just like my hair, it cannot be defined one way. ( That's another story. Curly, wavy, straight all at once...anyone else? 😂) I get occasional breakouts, my

cheeks tend to be dry, and my forehead, nose, and chin tend to be a lot oilier, hence the lovely blackheads that plague me. 🙄 I have seen a dermatologist for my issues, and even though I occasionally use the product Atralin, those harsher products just seem to make things worse for me. You know how they say there is that breakout period? Well mine never I decided to try something different, and skip the prescription route altogether.

My current favorite products include face cleansing wipes, a facial scrub, a face mask, a glycolic serum, a moisturizer, and a sunscreen. These are just a few of the necessary things that I need to maintain a good skincare routine, and ensure that I feel confident and glowing. ( Of course there are other things that you can include like an eye cream and other anti-aging products, but these are just a few that I am in love with at the moment!) Being a small business owner, you are often the main face that people relate your business with. I feel like you should put your "best face forward" and feel confident enough to tackle all of the tasks that your business may throw at you! :) Beauty and confidence comes from the inside, but why not have a lovely healthy glow on the outside too? 😉

The squad, the crew, whatever you want to call it, this is my go to team of skincare products to keep my skin fresh and glowing, and to keep me one happy girl. 👍🏻

Keep reading to see how these lovely products have changed this busy girls skincare routine. 👇🏻

Cleansing towelettes

Step number one of my routine is to wash my face. I don't wear a lot of makeup, but my favorite way to remove it and cleanse my face is to use these La Roche-Posay clarifying oil-free cleansing towelettes. I used to use a different brand, but what I love about these is they have micro-exfoliating lip-hydroxy acid, which claims to help cleanse away oil and pore clogging impurities. Sounds great to me! So far this product has really seemed to be doing what it claims, and "knock on wood" it has not made me break out! What I love about face cleansing wipes is you can grab one and use it whenever and wherever, and you don't even need water! This is perfect for those long days that turn into exhausting nights. No more excuses for leaving your makeup on at night! 😉

Pore Clarifying Facial Scrub

Step number 2 of my face routine often involves a scrub. (I don't use a scrub every night, but this one is gentle enough to use a few times a week!) I recently discovered this Acure brand at Target ( my home away from home as many of you already know 😍) and I am in love with it already! The best part about these products is that they are vegan, sulfate free, paraben free, and cruelty free! SOLD! This lovely scrub has moroccan red clay and argan extract which helps to draw out impurities, and also contains black jojoba beads to help delicately exfoliate. My skin literally glows and is so bright after I use this scrub I was very impressed with my own face! 😂

Brightening Face Mask

In addition to the scrub, I also tried the brightening face mask by Acure. My skin can get a little dull sometimes when I don't get enough sleep, slack on using my face products ( hey it happens) and do not drink enough water. This mask went on nicely, did not smell weird, and did not burn, which have been common characteristics of similar masks I have tried before. Bonus, you only have to let it set for 10-15 minutes, and can even wear it when you are completing other tasks, (like writing blog posts . 😉) So far so good with this one! Between the scrub and the mask, I have loved how my skin has been looking lately. 😊

Glycolic Night Serum

I have mentioned this next product before, but I am still obsessed with it, and it has shown me such great benefits I just have to keep sharing. This amazing glycolic night serum by Drunk Elephant is a can't live without, must have, miracle in a bottle product for me. I love things that exfoliate my skin and revitalize the layers underneath the dead skin. This product is another contributor to that glow that I have been sporting lately, and although it is a bit pricey, it is worth every single penny.


I have a confession to make. 🙈 I don't always use a moisturizer. I either forget, can't find one that I like, and feel like a grease ball when I use the wrong one. Fortunately, I discovered this one just before my skin decided to fall off because of all of the masks, and scrubs, and serums. Ok, not literally fall off, but sometimes we disagree and my skin might want to separate from me for a while. 😂 Anybody else been through a lot with their face? 🙋🏼 This moisturizer is not a thick cream or anything fancy, but it does the trick of keeping my skin moisturized at night, and being great at protecting the sensitive skin barrier that has been scrubbed and cleansed, and treated with all of these products that I love. LOL


Last, but certainly not least, SUNSCREEN! So important. Important enough to scream on the Internet. 😂 Ok at this point everyone knows that I have sensitive picky skin that likes to breakout, so you can only imagine how sunscreen affects me. I often get those little bumps under that skin that are not a full on blemish, but oh so annoying. Enter last summers obsession, Supergoop! This sunscreen serum was a cool alternative to the unusually thick and goopy ( no pun intended hahaha) sunscreens that freak me out, because I just know that my pores are crying underneath all of that sun protection. Supergoop actually has a lot of great sunscreen products for all of those awesome vacations we all have coming up! Yes, summer is coming that quickly that we need to start thinking about that! Even so, sunscreen is a year round staple that should be at the top of your beauty routine every day!

P.S. Sunscreen is also especially important when you are using scrubs and treatments that make your skin more sensitive to sun exposure.

Longest blog post ever right?! Totally worth it thought to discover some awesome new products Just as I am writing this my mom is freaking out about how awesome one of the scrubs is in the bathroom. LOL Must be onto something here. Try these products out and let me know what you think!


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