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Moving on...

Ah, graduation. A time in your life that is both wonderful and scary. What's next? Do you have a plan? Now is when your future begins, they say. Whether you are fresh out of High School, or flipping the tassel after four years of College, the occasion deserves a grand celebration. Why is graduation so important? Because you did it! You made it! Against all odds. Despite a significant lack of sleep, moments that lacked focus or direction, and despite the days where you did not want to get out of bed at all. Why is it so hard some days? Because life doesn't stop when you are in school, life doesn't slow down when you get to college, so in addition to all of the little things that life throws at you, you now have exams at 8 in the morning and labs due when you've been up all night, and too many classes for one person to attend in one day. ( If only they got that clone thing right by now right? 😆)

There were so many things I learned about myself in college, and no matter how hard it is some days, you really do come out a better person. Here is what I learned after all those years. ( Hey, class of 2016! 👋🏻)

1. It's OK to have meltdowns and cry, but don't worry, you will pick yourself up and keep going.

(Well, after eating a whole container of ice cream and sobbing in the shower long enough for the water heater to totally give up.😂)

2. You will give up mentally, and sometimes physically, but you learn that bad days are a part of life and you can walk away, take a break, and catch your breath. (And, no, you won't fail.) Breaks are good! (I am still learning this one with business! Gotta take time off folks! 👍🏻)

3. You will learn something new. We all go through that time in life where we think we know everything. For some of us, it happens earlier than others, but I can guarantee that unless you are some rare genius, you will learn a lot that you didn't know before. ( I really don't enjoy the fact that I had to learn discrete math though. Google that one. Or don't. Yea, maybe don't. I don't want anybody else to suffer. 🤣)

4. You can't do it all. I read a great quote the other day that said "You can't do it all and do it well. Something always suffers." It is true. You can't be in two classes at once. You can't play every sport. You can't have a perfect social life. This is true for college, and for life after college. Cut yourself some slack.

5. Hard work pays off. No really. You will have to work hard. You will have to sacrifice. You will have to lose sleep, a little bit of your sanity, and some of your social life. You will have to read and write until your eyes and fingers want to run away from you, but don't worry, they always come back. 😉

6. You will cry when you get that diploma in your hand. Ok, just me? Well, let me tell you, after all that hard work, late nights, frustration, triumphs, and failures, you will be relieved. You will also be excited, and confused, and scared because you start to ask yourself , what now? Hold on one sec. YOU JUST GRADUATED! Don't think about all that other stuff just yet. Yes, it's time to get serious, but you must enjoy what it feels like to finally achieve your goal, reach the light at the end of the tunnel, and feel what success really feels like. Enjoy it! Embrace it! Think about what business attire looks like tomorrow. You have plenty of time to figure that out! At least 40 years. 🤷🏻‍♀️ 😆

Basically, you worked your butt off, you got the piece of paper, and now it's time to party it up! 💃🏻

Grads, if you are reading this, give a little hint hint to your friends and family on what to get you for that awesome graduation gift! 😉 If you know a soon-to-be grad, what are you waiting for? Let them know how proud of them you are with a little extra confetti and some totally awesome essentials for forgetting about responsibility for a few minutes and enjoying friends and family ( and no homework! 😁)

Congrats class of 2017! You have your whole life ahead of you to be who and whatever you want to be. The hard work doesn't stop here, and the dreams only get bigger, but these last few years you have grown stronger, and you know that you can accomplish whatever you put your mind to! Just think, I was graduating class of 2016, and look at me now! 😊 Keep hustling, keep growing, and keep dreaming! Bigger, brighter, and better days are ahead my friends. Good luck! 🎉

xo, Jess

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