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  • Jessica Isabel

Moments that last a lifetime.


What are memories? You might say they are fleeting moments in time that allow us to revisit the events of our past. Some memories we want to leave behind, but others we want to chase and hold once again. As we get older, our memories may get a little lost, hidden somewhere in a dusty corner in the back of our minds. Wouldn't it be great if there was a way to visually represent some of the best moments of your life? Some place you could revisit whenever you wanted and be reminded of those feelings again, smell those scents, and see those places. I'm talking about movie dates, adrenaline pumping concerts, your favorite county fair, and that one awesome time at that super cool museum you never wanted to leave.

Enter memory box stage left.

I got the idea for a memory box years ago because I originally had an album of tickets, a "memory book" of sorts, but eventually ran out of space and the book actually fell apart. Yep, it ripped in two. Whoops. What does a memory box contain you ask? Anything and everything! Movie tickets, concert tickets, museum passes, a sticker from one of the greatest cookie shops ever, car show wristbands, raffle tickets, parking passes, whatever I wanted to keep to remember those wonderful moments spent with loved ones.

Movies have always been a big thing in my family, and I saved most of the tickets from our favorite movies, going back years and years. It is so much fun to look back and remember those days. I have the ticket from my first ever concert, wristbands from when I was finally 21 and allowed to drink at events ( made me feel so cool at the time to finally be treated like an adult because I had that damn wristband on 🤣), lottery tickets from other states because why not 🤷🏻‍♀️, and receipts from road trip adventures because I still want to savor the taste of that ice cream in San Francisco. 😋

A memory box can take you back in time to a certain place, a certain person, and a certain feeling. It is wonderful, and crazy, and exciting to take a moment out of your day every once in a while and think about all of the wonderful things you have done already in life. We can get wrapped up in daily stresses and struggles, but when you look back on your best memories, you take a step back and realize that you live everyday and work hard for those moments. You stress and struggle and get frustrated with life so you can meet amazing people, taste yummy foods, get caught in the rain in a cool city, and experience the beauty of the unexpected.

Want to make your own memory box? All you need is a a shadowbox. Any color you prefer works, but the one I used is this  white shadowbox from Michaels. It is nice enough that you can display it anywhere, but not very expensive. I have mine displayed on my dresser, and it fits nicely with my other decor items. I catch my memory box out of the corner of my eye every once in a while, and I love to reminisce about the particular ticket that I notice in that moment. So many fun times, beautiful memories, and adventures that I will never forget thanks to this super easy memory box!

Simply place your favorite tickets, wrist bands, photos, and other reminders of your special events in the box, or arrange them with pins or tape any way you would like. After that, all you have to do is continue to add items, and as time goes on your memory box will grow and will be a great reminder of all of your favorite times, best laughs, and fondest  memories! 

Make your own memory box and never forget your favorite days spent with your favorite people! Happy memory making friends!

  xo, Jess

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