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  • Jessica Isabel

Making it big.

Chasin' dreams and takin' names

Hey fellow goal diggers, dream chasers, and entrepreneurs, I see you. 👋🏻

We're in this together. We're dreaming big, reaching beyond the stars, and carving our own path. In a time where people are unapologetically themselves, we don't take no for an answer, and we are free to be who and what we want, why are we not taking advantage of this? Or are we?

When someone asks you what your dream job is, or what you currently do, do you struggle finding that right answer? How do you explain that you are "a creative," a blogger, a gift box curator, a photographer, a social media manager...

You don't. And you don't have to.

Of course it might seem easier to say that you're a nurse, or a teacher, or maybe a bartender. People get it. They know what you do, and why, and roughly how much money you make.

If you've ever been met with:

-But how do you make money?

-Is that your only job?

-Can you support yourself on that?


Than it's most likely you fall under the job category of creative. Welcome to the club!

P.S. Keep reading to find out the BIGGEST moment of my creative/small business journey so far!

I'm a creative.

What is a "creative?" To me it's someone who explores their talents and passions, and chases their dreams, no matter how silly they may seem. You don't want to know how hard it is to explain to someone that I make gift boxes as a business, an actual job, and as a passion that I see extending past a week. 🤦🏼‍♀️ People are judgemental as it is, so why care anyways right?

The best part of it all? When they finally do figure out what I do, see my website, and actually see my gift boxes, they are amazed and shocked, and all of those emotions that come along with "I judged you too soon and too harshly, and this actually pretty cool."

The takeaway? Do what you want. Do what you love. Try something weird and different and new. Yes, it can be a career if you try hard enough. Put your heart, soul, blood, sweat, and tears into something, and come back and tell me that it doesn't benefit you in some profitable way. Try it. I guarantee you will be rewarded. If not, you aren't trying hard enough, you aren't pushing enough, and you aren't giving yourself enough of a chance. The majority of times that I have failed in life are when I have given up. When I pull myself together and try again, I can usually find the success I was seeking all along.

Just a bunch of goal Diggers

So now that we have covered the what do you do bit, let's get into the actual goal chasing here. We all want to make it big right? Making it big means different things to different people. Some people want to sell their products in Target, some people want a celebrity to endorse their product, some people want to make a lot of money, and others just want some recognition. Me? I'm a combination. I want to share my creativity and my talents, and have them be well received by others. I'm in the business of making others feel something. I want them to open my gifts, see my photos, read my posts, and feel something.

In everyone's creative/entrepreneurial journey it seems like there is a big aha moment. There is a break. There is a chance, an opportunity that they take that takes them to another level. Recently, I was offered the potential for an opportunity such as this. I received an email a couple weeks back from a very well known company that was interested in meeting me about my gifts. ME!

Immediately my mind began to wander. Can I do this? Am I enough? Is my business enough? I set a date for my meeting for a week from that evening and gave myself time to prep. When it came down to it, I took a look at my boxes and myself and suddenly this feeling of calm came over me.

I've got this! I can do this. I'm ready.

You know what? I was ready. I was more ready than I had ever been, and the craziest part of all, I would not have been ready one moment sooner. That moment was my moment.

Without knowing what the meeting would entail, I prepped, took some notes, and prepared to be myself. Remember loves, that's what I told you you've just gotta do. BE YOURSELF. People want you. They want your work, your talent, and your creativity,  but that's everywhere. They want what YOU bring to the table as an individual.

My first big meeting fell on a Friday, it was pouring down rain, I had chosen a cute, yet casual and comfortable outfit. I hopped out of the car, grabbed my cart of goodies, and ran toward the door of this intimidating building in a very affluent city in Los Angeles. I walked through and turned to pull the door shut as to not let in the rain. Insert inevitable awkward moment here. Not realizing the door was one of those automatic type things that closes itself, I pulled and pulled to no avail, while security watched in confusion. Immediately my heart began to race. My confident and self assured attitude was faltering. Palms starting to sweat, hands shaking, and drenched from the rain, I approached the security counter. I was instructed to sit and wait for the gal I was meeting with to come and get me. Sitting on the bench felt like centuries.

Having a few minutes to collect myself, I took this opportunity to gather my thoughts, fix my hair, and take a few deep breaths. I reminded myself "you've got this." My heart rate began to return to a normal functioning status, I popped a breath mint, and got my shit together just in time for the girl to approach out of the elevator.

Make eye contact, smile, shake hands, breathe. Check.

Walking into that huge meeting room was one of the most exhilarating and terrifying feelings ever.

I was here. This was it. Don't screw it up kid.

I'll spare the rest of the details, but let me tell you guys something...

I KILLED IT. In the best way possible. I was myself. I was cool, calm, and collected. I knew my business, my purpose, my goals, and I was proud to show of my hard work and dedication. Exiting that meeting room and that building was the proudest moment I have had to date both personally and professionally. I did something that I never thought I would be able to do. This once shy and intimidated girl, was now a confident woman who knows what she wants.

There it is folks. I made it big. I'm continuing to make it big. I had my moment. Someone recognized what we must see in ourselves. Someone saw the hard work, the creativity, the talent, the love, and they are were interested in hearing more. That's been the goal all along. To make people feel something.

Guess what loves? Of all people, I made myself feel the proudest I have ever felt and that is the biggest gift of all.

P.S. In case you're wondering, the details of this meeting are yet to be finalized, but good things are in the future for your small business #girlboss over here! On a side note, I want to thank you all for your continued support and inspiration every day! I have been motivated and deeply inspired by all of you, and I hope that we continue to grow together on this journey!

Keep going. Be yourself. Chase YOUR dreams. Never give up. Love the journey. Trust your path.

                                                         xoxo, Jess

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