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  • Jessica Isabel

Letter to myself.

Dear future Jess,

By now I am sure that you have found success in many aspects. I am so proud of how far you have come and your perseverance through all of the frustrations of life, owning your own business, and managing the stresses you often create out of nowhere. You have become so confident in yourself, your business, and your goals, that I know you will continue to shine. I hope that you have followed your heart down an incredible path that has brought you joy and happiness that exceeds the upset of any negativity you may have faced. I know that you have worked hard for many years to get the right education, to do something, to be someone, and I know that all of that is paying off. I know that you have never been as concerned with monetary rewards as others, so I hope that you have been rewarded in other ways. I hope that you are rich in family, rich in friends, and rich in love, and I pray for your continued success and happiness. You are so passionate about what you put your mind and heart to, and often it drives you crazy. Remember, all of the best people are a little crazy.

Your mind runs in a million different directions and sometimes you feel like this is a setback to all that you want to accomplish. I hope that now you have realized that this was a gift given to you to allow you to explore the deepest depths of your creativity, and to be able to make the best decisions for your direction in life. Even through the OCD, anxiety, and added stresses you place on yourself, you know that you can achieve anything that you put that crazy mind to!

No matter what, don't let others tell you that you can't. You have faced them before, and you will continue to the face them. That's just what happens when you have goals and dreams. You must continue to chase them while others work their hardest to bring you down, because they are afraid to do the same. Don't put others down though. Don't be like them. Be the person that you know you are. The world can make you cold, it can harden you, and it can change the very person that you work so hard to become. Don't let it. Be you, work hard, love harder, be fearless, and challenge yourself everyday. Challenge yourself to see the good in others, to see the good in yourself, and to see the good still left in the world, even when it is hard to find any good at all on some days.

Trust yourself. Trust that you will always love and care for yourself in ways that others won't. Never rely on someone to make you or keep you happy, to take care of you, or to provide anything for you that you can willingly do yourself. Remain independent in all that you do, so that if and when you do find someone to share your life with, that you will already come to that relationship as a whole. A whole person, a whole being, and a whole part ready to be a big part of something amazing. Don't falter in your beliefs, don't change yourself for others, and please don't give up. Whatever life and business throw at you, face it head on like I know you can.

Lastly, learn to accept. Learn to accept that there are good days and bad, bad things happen to good people, and that the universe is unfolding how it should. Believe, trust, listen, and you will be guided by a force more powerful than you. Believe in something. Let the negativity go and life will surprise you. You know that this is true. Good luck and I wish you lots of happiness and success in the years to come.

Love, Jess


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