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  • Jessica Isabel

Keep in touch.

Keep in touch.

We say it after long conversations with forever friends. We say it after a quick run in with an old acquaintance at the grocery store. We say it when we hope for a call back, but don't know how long that hope will hold out before we realize that the call will never come. When you say keep in touch, do you follow through? Do you update loved ones on the ins and outs of your daily life? Do you remind a friend how much you care, even when you don't see each other on a daily basis? Do you give that call back to someone who has been expecting it for quite some time?

Maybe you should.

But, maybe you should do this.

Send a gift. Send a gesture. Send a hug in the mail. Send a smile. Send love. Send gratitude.

J. Isabel Designs

Keep in touch with a handwritten note, a box of goodies tailored to the likes of your recipient, their needs, or a special time in their life. Why? Because it makes an impact. It reminds someone that you care, it speaks volumes about your genuine appreciation for that person or something that they have done for you, and it makes you feel good to show some love in a world that can't seem to find its way back to loving others, as it has been lost somewhere in the dark. Today so many things are taken for granted; love, life, relationships, but it's time to get back to being happy, to spreading joy, and to embracing those who respect and love you back. Don't take life for granted, don't take love for granted, and don't take your relationships for granted. Appreciate life. Embrace love. Give more to your relationships that matter to you. It can be difficult to expose yourself in such a way, but you have to try. You have to let go of superficial feelings, actions, and lifestyles. Be more genuine. Show respect, receive respect. Give love, receive love.

We are all so shut out by the experiences of the past that have hardened us, but if we continue to close ourselves off, we will just be mindless robots running around trying to convince each other that we are cool, that we care, and that we are human. Yes, I said it. Be more human. Love without limits. Let go. Make mistakes. Trust yourself that whatever path you are taking is meant for you. Make more connections. You can make friends and you can be close to your family in a society that works so hard to make you believe otherwise. Now don't willingly jump head first into toxic relationships, but you can give others a chance.

So back to my suggestion. What do you do to show others you care? How do you keep in touch? Reach out. Do something for someone else. Be selfless. Be caring. Be loving. Be a friend.

At J. Isabel Designs I love creating custom boxes of joy, love, celebration, sympathy, excitement, hope, and happiness. To be able to convey an emotion or an idea in such an intricate way is absolutely thrilling. It's much more than a card, it's more personal than a phone call, and it's definitely guaranteed to brighten a day. Celebrate those you love, those you cherish, and those you appreciate. They are what we have in this world. Not your things, not your car, not your money. You have people and people have you. Let's make life about people again. 💕

J. Isabel Designs love more gift box

Love more gift box

J. Isabel Designs engagement gift box

Isn't love grand gift box

J. Isabel Designs get well soon gift box

Get well soon gift box

J. Isabel Designs summer vibes gift box

Summer vibes gift box

Visit or email to create that perfect gift so that you can always keep in touch!

xo, Jess

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