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  • Jessica Isabel

Hello Friends! I'm Jess.

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Who is Jessica Isabel?

Business owner at J. Isabel Designs. Photographer. Writer. Oh and now Blogger! Yay!

It feels so good to finally be able to share the words that randomly pop into my mind during the day! Ok, ok, obviously this is deeper than that ( a big LOL here), but overall I am excited to share my journey with all of you! What does this journey consist of you may ask? Life, gift boxes, and finding inspiration in everyday things! I enjoy photography, writing, and designing gift boxes! I have always wanted my own blog, and right now was the perfect time to jump on in and try it out!


I hope to share fun and light posts, but also touch on subjects that might be on my mind during difficult days. Maybe you or someone you know is going through something similar? I think we can all inspire and motivate each other.

I also hope that as you follow along, you might find something that you need. That may be a laugh, a few tears, a great gift, some inspiration, or a way to escape the day to day stresses that can overwhelm us. Sit down, grab a cup of coffee (or tea if you prefer) and get ready to learn all about me, outside of the box.


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