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  • Jessica Isabel


What is a hater?

Someone who doesn't like you? Someone who is jealous? Someone who doesn't appreciate your successes? This term means different things to everyone, but I think we can all agree that we have faced this negativity before. In everyday life, we may face haters if we are successful, if we are perceived as attractive, or if we are in some way intimidating to someone else. I believe this is a more positive perspective on this topic as others may think haters come from some not so appealing actions you have committed therefore bringing on the "hate" yourself. In terms of small business I think these so called "haters" come around when you experience some sort of success and when someone feels like you may threaten their chances at achieving some level of success also. With the majority of business like mine being completed on Instagram, competition has become stiff in terms of photography, witty captions, and creative content overall. Due to this, some people have been finding it difficult to keep up, and have resorted to stealing photos and ideas, and re-posting this content as their own. There is also a lot of debate going around about blocking certain individuals and preventing similar businesses from viewing your content. OK, I get it. I think we need to fight to make sure we get the credit for what is ours, but when does it become so cut throat that we lose focus on what really matters? Like creating new and unique content? Maybe we shouldn't be so focused on destroying potentially positive relationships and work more on building up a community that already struggles to maintain it's allure in the real world? You know what I mean. If you are a creative entrepreneur, you know that often times your job description and chosen career path is met with looks of confusion and disbelief that you didn't choose to be a nurse like the rest of your graduating class.

In a world where everyone wants to be different, many end up becoming the exactly the same. We must keep our true creativity and wildly unique views of the world safe, and focus on allowing ourselves and others to do the same. We should not be shutting down the creativity of others out of fear that they will pass us up on some scale to get to the top. What is the top exactly? Where is it? Do you get some smiley face sticker or gold coin for passing go? I haven't heard of it, and you probably haven't either. What is true to those of us who understand reality, is that you work hard everyday towards a goal, and when you achieve that goal, you move on to the next one. No, there is not an end. There is no grand finale until the big man upstairs comes knocking on your door, but that's only if you want to read into the morbid version of this story.

Basically, you might not be the first person to take that photo, taste that ice cream, share that quote, or pin that taco recipe, but that does not make you any more or less than the next person. Also, it does not give you the right to steal it from someone else because it will probably get copied anyway. There is room for all, but those who make it to the "top" do so because they are focused on their path, their passion, and their own goals. You can have community while also making room for yourself. You can be creative on your own, you can be unique, and you can bring something fresh and new to a community of thousands without having to copy someone else.

Trust yourself, your journey, and follow your dreams to achieving your goals. Notice how all of these things involve YOU? That's who you should be focused on. Not what everyone else thinks or says or does. Focusing on others successes, being jealous, or being a "hater" will not change your circumstances. Neither will allowing them to influence you in ways that challenge your path.  Explore your creativity freely and never fear that you are beneath someone or that you can't "make it" because of how far behind you are. Everybody has a different path in life, and things will happen for them at different times, just as they will happen for you when you are ready.

Take a deep breath friends and show the world what you are made of! 🌎

                                                          xo, Jess

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