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  • Jessica Isabel

Grandma's everlasting gift.

A grandmother's love.

Before starting my blog, I started my own business designing gift boxes. This is something that was a long time coming. I have always loved to give gifts, so the passion was already there. It started from a young age with my grandmother teaching me how to wrap, curl ribbon, and tie intricate bows. That was a woman who was specific about how straight she made her cuts, the use of invisible tape, and ensuring that she had the perfect card to go with her gift. (She was also a published poet so you can imagine how wonderfully she expressed her holiday wishes!) I learned everything that I practice today from her.

She taught me that it is all about the smallest details, you put your heart into what you gift, and you make sure that when they open it, no matter how small it is, they feel that love that went into putting it together. Now that my grandmother has passed I feel more connected to her than ever before with this business. She continues to inspire me with every box I design, and I know she is proud that I continue to use the everlasting gift that she gave me. Thank you grandma for teaching me what love is and showing me how to share that love with others!

Some of my best designs have sprouted from a random idea that comes to me during a dream, during the day, or while sitting on the couch watching television. I'd like to think that maybe during those moments she is looking down on me and giving me the inspiration to create beautiful and incredible things.


Keep following along on this journey to experience more of the wonderful gift that I have been given, and check out to share an amazing gift with someone you love!

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