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Giving up sugar for good?

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Giving up the sweet stuff?

I unintentionally started a sugar detox a month ago, and I never expected it to be the experience that it has been. I didn't start it to lose weight, I didn't start it to follow a trend, and I didn't start it because I thought it would be fun, that's for sure! I have a major sweet tooth so I'm pretty much the last person that this would sound like a good idea for. It all started when I got sick in December of last year. I was sick about 4 times in one month! From the beginning of December to the beginning of January I wasn't feeling well and I kept catching something! Whether it was food poisoning at a Christmas party, the flu Christmas eve, or another mystery illness on New Year's eve, I was ill for way too long. I went to the doctor and figured out that I was stressed out and my body was reacting to the stress and to my diet. I already have a sensitive stomach so it made sense that eating all those holiday treats wasn't helping my situation! A few weeks later I joined a gym and started pushing my workouts harder than I had been at home. That's when it clicked for me. I wanted to stop eating sugar, and other foods like dairy, that upset my stomach and throw off a healthy balance in my body. It seemed like a simple decision, but boy was I not ready for the challenge!

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Addicted to sugar?

You never realize that you have an issue with something until it gets taken away. It may not seem like a big deal, but I got dramatic in a hurry! The first few days were fine. I guess you really don't need dessert after every meal? It seems like everything is going fine until a beautiful donut pops up on my Instagram feed. That does look delicious! Then there is the waffle breakfast someone is eating next to you at the diner, that temptation taunting you in the line at the grocery checkout (you never realize how much they torture you in line with all of those treats until you can't have them!), and of course the cupcakes and candy bars that your family still gets to eat! It may sound like I am complaining and I am sure you are thinking suck it up, but it is much more difficult to not want to suck it ALL up when you are telling yourself no under your own free will. Remember, I told myself I was doing this challenge and other than letting myself down and feeling sick, I have no other obligations telling me that I absolutely have to do it! The weeks started going by, and other than the intense craving for a cupcake, the shattered hope of eating dessert after dinner on a night out, or the ability to see anything sweet and wanting to cry, it was going pretty well. Doesn't seem dramatic at all right?! 😂

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Week 4

1 month down and things seemed to be going ok, but things are not always as they seem! I woke up two days ago with the weirdest looking breakout/rash on my forehead. It freaked me out because I usually don't breakout like that. ( I am very serious about skin care) I haven't had little bumps like that since I was 15 and needed to learn to wash my face more! It was concerning because I knew that it was obviously a reaction to something, but what? I immediately started thinking of potential causes. I haven't been wearing makeup, haven't tried new skincare or hair products, have changed my diet...wait a minute! NO SUGAR! My only question was why. If I am doing everything to be healthier, why is my body acting out? Enter Google. Apparently your body starts processing the toxins you are getting rid of, and it can lead to some not so fun reactions. Breakouts in one particular spot? Apparently so. Stomach upset? Yes, that too. So things are getting worse before they are getting better? Ok, I have heard that one before.

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So what's next?

This experience hasn't been all bad, albeit difficult. I unintentionally lost a little bit of weight. (Probably from the cupcake deficit.) I feel better overall, aside from the few setbacks that should clear up in a few days, and I am genuinely excited! Excited for new recipes that don't require a bag of sugar, excited to be healthier, and overall excited to be treating my body right. Gone are the days of eating three candy bars in one day. Who me? I am ready to make a lifestyle change at this point, and even though I probably won't be totally sugar free forever, I won't revert back to my old self of drowning my stresses and sorrows in a box of Hostess ding dongs. I think. 😂

Overall, we are only human and we are bound to want the darn cupcake. We will want to stress eat Sprinkles like it's going out of business, and we will want french toast instead of a veggie omelette. If you think sugar is dragging you down, give it a try! Start small and eat only one donut instead of three. Difficult I know! Cut back on soda, drink more water, and only eat dessert after one meal a day! LOL It might be easier to make smaller changes that can make a big impact in your life. We only have this one body and it is important to treat it right. After all, it does so much for us!


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