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  • Jessica Isabel

Bad hair days be gone

Let me tell hair has been a TOUGH subject for me since I was a kid. I've had the weirdest haircuts and awful transitional phases, I've dyed it a ton of different colors, and have worn it straight, curly, wavy, you name it, I've done it! It has taken me a long time to get my hair to a place where I am actually happy with how it looks and feels. Never again will I straighten it to death with no heat protectant, never again will I bleach it until it feels like straw, and never again will I used a random shampoo and conditioner that I grab off the shelf for 5

When I heard about custom shampoo, I was so excited to learn more about it because I love to try new hair products to keep my hair looking and feeling it's best. When I finally learned about Formulate, a company that offered custom shampoo, I was definitely interested in hearing more about the process and I was excited to get started! Formulate first has you take a survey that analyzes your specific hair needs, goals, and type. The survey was quick, easy, and fun!

The team at Formulate was very sweet and accmoodating from the very beginning! They really want you to love the product and will work with you until you find the right formulate that helps you achieve all of your hair goals. I mean it! When I first received my package I was thrilled with the packaging and the scent I chose. The bottles were a great size and the included pump made it easy to use the product. That is one thing that drives me crazy is having to open bottles and not drop the product while trying to close the lid back up! LOL

When I say they really want you to be satisfied I absolutely mean that. My first shampoo experience was great. The product lathered well, smelled good, and rinsed well! The first conditioner experienced did not feel like the right fit for me. I felt like maybe it was a little too heavy and I should try a different formula. I emailed a team member at Formulate and they got back to me right away and offered to send me a different option that would work better for my needs! Amazing custom service is something that I enjoy, especially because I have a small business myself and I understand how crucial that is!

When the new conditioner arrived, I gave it a shot and it was definitely a better experience. The original shampoo and the new conditioner combo gave me soft and shiny hair. It combed through well afterwards and had a pleasant and refreshing scent. You don't have to use very much product, which is a plus for someone like me who has thick and long hair. I also like how their formula is sulfate free because I do color my hair and like to make sure that it stays healthy throughout all of the processing that I do.

Want to try this awesome and convenient way to maintain your best asset?

Checkout my giveaway with Formulate here!

xoxo, Jess

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