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  • Jessica Isabel

Feeling lost.

Some days you just feel lost. You are confused. You have no direction. You wake up with no intentions of getting out of bed, and yet you eventually manage to peel back the covers, roll over, and feel the cold floor beneath your weary feet. 

These are the days that lack motivation, inspiration and personal drive. It is nothing to be ashamed of, but you feel as though you have let everyone down. You feel like you have let yourself down.

Things are not going well.

Things are not good enough.

So you tell yourself.

Everyone around you can see the achievements you have made and how far you have come, but you can't seem to shake that nagging feeling that you are going the wrong way.

This isn't your path. This isn't what you are supposed to be doing. Why isn't it working?

You drag through the day feeling hopeless and wondering if it will ever pass.

You go through the motions of packing lunches, or walking the dog, and wait for the sun to set on another day.

That evening as you stand in the shower hoping the hot water will wash away the days sorrows, you take a deep breath and begin to pray.

You ask for strength and peace and perseverance.

Crawling into bed that night feels as though a ton of bricks has just been laid down with you. You turn out the lights and hope tomorrow will be a better day.

The next morning you wake with ferocious energy and an overall optimistic outlook. Maybe you can do this. Maybe you just had a bad day.

New ideas begin to form. You feel awakened. You feel strong and ready to face the world again.

That's it. It was just a bad day.

Today, you pickup where you left off. You start again. You take a deep breath and thank the universe for granting you another opportunity to live and love and to chase your passions.

Whatever you face my dear friends, wherever you are, or how lost you may feel, it will pass. Each bad day, every bad mood, and any negative thought, will pass.

Keep fighting the bad days and always remember that the best days of our lives have not even happened yet.

                                                           xoxo, Jess

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