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  • Jessica Isabel

Easy home styling tips!

I was sitting on my couch the other day editing photos, and during a moment of silent reflection, I looked around and realized I really wanted to share some of the design elements I have incorporated in my new home decor. A few months back I decided to start making my house feel more like a home. Cozy elements like adding rugs and changing light bulbs to establish a different ambiance are easy ways to change the mood, but there are some other easy style tips that I like to share with friends and family that can quickly and easily make your space feel more cozy and cute!

Tip Number 1: Add mirrors! Adding mirrors instantly brightens up a room, and it's a bonus if they are in bold colors. My favorites are obviously these bronze/gold options. Bonus: Larger mirrors also make smaller spaces seem bigger!

Tip Number 2: Create a gallery wall! Gallery walls are a great way to decorate a big open space and add some character to a room. I chose to use this adorable hello wood sign, the initial of our last name, my fun mirror, and some cute frames to fill up the space in a unique way. A gallery wall is super fun and easy to do and can be customized in any way that you want. There is no going wrong with this one! Bonus: I got a lot of these items at Hobby Lobby and Home Goods, so it's not only super cute, but totally affordable too!

Tip Number 3: Add quirky elements to your space that make it a little more fun! This super cute cactus is obviously not traditional, but I love what it adds to the shelf in the living room. Can you guess where this one is from? If you guessed Target you would be correct. I mean where else would I find something like this? My favorite store ever of course!

Tip Number 4: Decorate with unexpected elements! You can even make it a game! I hunted down each letter of the word family, until I found exactly what I was looking for! Yes, these letters are all from different stores, and I painted the A, Y, and I!

Tip Number 5: Find pinterest crafts! Pinterest is a great place to find fun projects to make your space unique and personalized to any style that you like. I personally love reclaimed wood and natural elements. My dad put together this awesome key rack/magazine holder/ purse holder and I love how it transformed the room! It feels very cool, it's unique, and it fits the style I was going for!

Tip Number 6: Add string lights! I love adding lights to everything! Target has a great selection of various sizes of string lights that you can use to decorate anywhere! Here I wrapped some string lights around this Threshold Grid Wall Organizer, added some of my favorite photos I have taken, and some polaroids, and I am in love! Super cute, easy, and cheap.

Tip Number 7: Store items/food in glass Jars! In my kitchen I love to put cookies, dog treats, baking necessities (flour, sugar...) and anything else that can be stored in these adorable Anchor Heritage Glass Jars! They are adorable and add a clean and fresh vibe to your space. Bonus you can also google some fun ways to store your cookies in various patterns!

Tip Number 8: Store liquids in mason jars! You can find mason jars anywhere including the super market, Michaels, and Target! Michaels also sells the mason jar pump inserts to make it easy to convert your jars into pumps! Mason jars are stylish, clean, and cool. 😎

Tip Number 9: Buy the fancy stuff! I saw this adorable Pineapple Glass Jar and just had to have it! Totally unnecessary you might think, and you might be right LOL , but little elements like this make you happy when you walk by them, and they really brighten up your space! So next time you see something blingy and bold and you just have to have it, splurge! Besides, you saved a ton with all the cheap and DIY tricks up there! 👆🏻😂

Tip Number 10: Have fun! This is all about you and your style! Play with different elements, develop your own unique style, and customize your space however you feel comfortable!

Enjoy your new space!

xo, Jess

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