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  • Jessica Isabel

Easily discouraged.


Her feed is better than mine.

How come I didn’t think of that?

Why am I not more creative?

I should have done that too.

I’m so behind.

The above statements have been uttered by yours truly a few times over the last week. In creative business, in small business, and in life, it’s tough not to get discouraged at times. I get frustrated. I let comparison ruin some days. I lose my mind a little on some days. I’m human. My emotions can sway my confidence. My hormones fluctuate like this damn weather we’ve been having in California, and I’m on a health cleanse that doesn’t let me eat chocolate or have wine, so there’s that.

I’m currently sitting in bed typing this into the notes on my Iphone. The Cosmo magazine that I intended to read to de-stress a little before taking a trip to sleepy town, lies unopened on my lap. I can’t predict when the next wave of creativity or inspiration will hit. It’s been slowly trickling out today, but the weeks prior have been a little stagnant.

Right now I’m a little overwhelmed, but not overwhelmed in a bad way. Overwhelmed with ideas, agendas, goals, and plans that I want to jump up and complete all right now. Problem is, I can’t.

I must sleep, get up early, photograph some gifts, email a client with a proposal, hit the gym, eat at some point, go product shopping, wrap up some more gifts, add boxes to my shop, update my Facebook shop so I can have shoppable posts, post to Instagram, prep posts for later in the week, work on new gift ideas, organize my workspace after hours of destroying it, edit new blog posts like this one, edit yesterdays photos, eat a snack, post to Instagram, take the dogs out to pee, take myself to pee, drink water, go to Target, the grocery store, make dinner, work on more box ideas, post to Instagram, shower, night routine, and here we are back at square one.

Excuse the run on sentence, but that’s life of an entrepreneur folks. No I don’t sit around all day because I work from home. No I don’t always have tons of free time, and believe it or not, I’m not super busy fulfilling orders. I do have a few, yes, and a few projects and collabs I am working on, but I’m busy doing so much behind the scenes it’s crazy! Do you know how long it takes to prep ONE single Instagram post. From taking the photo, to editing the photo, to figuring out a caption, to finding the right hashtags, to figuring out when to post, to actually posting it takes f-o-r-e-v-e-r. No joke. This small business/ creative/ infrequencer/blogger/ whatever you want to call it gig, is nothing to laugh at and not to be taken lightly. It’s work. Hard work. Long hours work. Daily work. There are no days off when you are chasing your dreams. Even so, at the end of the day, sitting here waiting to peep a few pages of my new magazine before I must force myself to sleep sometime before midnight, I’m satisfied. I’m happy with today’s progress and ready to chase all of the madness of tomorrow. Goodnight for now. xoxo, Jess

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