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  • Jessica Isabel

Don't believe the bullshit.

We are fed it every single day on the Internet. The lies, the fake smiles, the "I'm better than you because I have more money, followers, or likes." We get it. You can stop now. Let's get real here. We all talk about being authentic, but how many of us are actually living it. How many of us wake up everyday and present our true selves?

Do you?

Yes the photos on our feeds represent a pretty picture of perfection, but that's why it's important to share the real and the raw also. Let people know that you are struggling just as they are. Admit that you feel down sometimes. Admit that you can't escape the thoughts of comparison or the feelings of doubt. Admit that you have failed. Admit that you want to give up sometimes.

It feels better. It really does. To be able to share your true self. To be able to relate to others who are facing the same daily struggles. We are all in this together. Even if we are trying to claw our way to the top or to our own version of success, we can still support others. Climbing the mountain to the top does not require you to leave a trail of burned bridges, and can be achieved with a sense of community. It's possible. More support is what we need. Independence is great until you need help. We all need help at some point. We all need a boost of motivation, an extra push to keep us going, and the occasional pat on the back. Don't lie to yourself. We CAN do this on our own, but deep down we don't WANT to.

I'm chasing my dreams just as you are. I have goals and desires for how I want my future to be. I want success just as much as the next guy ( or girl), but I am willing to WORK.

I want to do this right. I don't want to get desperate. I don't want to buy followers, or likes, or attention. I want people to enjoy the content I create, the message I share, and the gifts I so thoughtfully curate. Everyday is a hustle. Everyday is a struggle. Challenges are faced at every turn. Growth is tough. I don't want instant gratification. I'm willing to work, but I'm also impatient. I'm waiting for the day...the day where it pays off. The day where people pay attention to your hard work and the fact that you didn't take the easy way out.

I refuse to buy my success. I refuse to pay for acceptance. I refuse to sell my passion for money. I refuse to lie and cheat for personal gain.

I'm here to be real. I'm here to change the game. I'm here to be the one that makes it because she never gave up. I'm not going to give up. I know good things take time. I know that all of the effort that I put in will most definitely give me a return. I just have to wait. I just have to keep pushing. And so do you. Keep moving forward a little at a time. Every day is a step closer to where you want to be. Believe in your dreams. Believe in yourself. Have your bad days. Maybe even shed a few tears, but never EVER give up. There are surprises around every corner and you never know when your big break will finally come. You never know when the one thing or day or moment that can change the course of everything will come your way.




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