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  • Jessica Isabel

Did you say candy? You're in for a real treat!

Ah Sugarfina! Only the cutest candy shop I have ever seen, and the front-runner of the champagne gummy bear trend! If you have not discovered it yet, you are surely missing out! These adorable candy cubes are perfect to gift on their own, or to include in fantastic gift boxes! ( A fave of mine for sure!) Not only are they super fun, but their taste is exhilarating. Each flavor presents a new experience for your taste buds and leaves you wanting more! I have tried many of their flavors, and I have not come across one that I did not like yet! A few of my favorites are the sparkle pops that explode in your mouth ( ok not literally explode, but a total pop rock vibe which is super cool), birthday cake caramels which I could celebrate all year long, and the peach bellini hearts that never last long in my house! These are just a few of the awesome candies that they often sample in the store, allowing you to decide whether you want the small cube or the large cube, which often becomes a tricky decision. ​

If packaging is your thing, they also offer custom designs and various holiday styles to customize your candy or your gift to perfection. Their bento boxes also make for awesome last minute gifts and can also be customized to have a unique theme like my personal favorite the "you don't need him anyway" love bites gift set complete with gummy frogs to "stop kissing", gummy "men are pigs", and plenty of gummy "fish in the sea." All the best for your bestie going through a tough breakup!

A visit to a Sugarfina store is an event in itself, and you will not only be amazed with their products, but the overall presentation of the store. No detail is overlooked, and you feel like you are stepping into a magical candy land with each visit! Not close to a store? Be sure to also check out their website and you will be in for a real treat!


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