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Current Favorites

Current faves!

This week is all about low maintenance hair, maintaining sanity, coffee ( of course), donating to good causes, and celebrating mom! Check out this week's Friday faves!



These last two weeks have been CRAZY. I have been super busy, and my poor hair has been neglected. Dry shampoo has been my best friend, and I have had tangles that could rival the world's strongest knot. Let me let you guys in on a secret. Braids are a woman's best friend! They look chic, are quick and easy, and you can toss up your dry shampooed, knotted hair in a jiffy! Once you get them down, you can uniquely style your hair in minutes and not feel bad about not washing it for days. TMI. LOL. This was a simple fishtail braid that I twisted up and bobby pinned to the side of my head. Can't braid? Girl, Youtube is the place to go! I learned all of my braids on there, and after a little bit of practice you can whip them up in no time!


Bracelets with intention

I've been wearing this combination of bracelets for weeks, and I truly believe that they help me feel centered and more calm during stressful situations. The green bracelet is from My Saint My Hero and comes with a card that has a certain focus. My specific bracelet is the BREATHE one and centered around maintaining your calm in times of chaos. My three additional bracelets are healing crystal bracelets including my faves tigers eye and rose quartz. These bracelets are meant to help you find harmony and balance, calm anxiety, protect your from negative energy and help keep you more emotionally stable overall.


Verve Coffee Melrose ☕️

COFFEE. Did you think this wouldn't be included? 😂 This one is kind of self explanatory, but if you find yourself in the LA area, are looking for a strong cup of joe, and love avocado toast, this is the place for you.

8925 Melrose Avenue West Hollywood, CA 90069


J. Isabel Designs

Mother's Day is almost here and I think that these are some of my favorite gifts to put together! It is fun to spoil to mom and show her how much you appreciate all that she has done and continues to do. My mom is my best friend, support system, and voice of reason when I cannot make sane decisions. LOL. For those reasons, my mom is my main inspiration when I create gifts for your moms on Mother's Day! It is my goal to make mom feel special, loved, and appreciated, and with these lovely gifts coming out this week we aim to do just that!

Check out @j.isabeldesigns on Instagram for Mother's Day updates! Also, check out the shop for our current selection of amazing gifts!



I love my pups, and I love a good cause. Recently, PAWZ reached out to me and asked me to take some photos that they could share with their followers. I loved the idea of celebrating my dogs, and the fact that they donate a portion of their profits to help save dogs! Both of my dogs are rescues, and I love when other people are just as passionate about saving dogs as I am. ADOPT DON'T SHOP. Please. There are so many wonderful dogs that have been left behind, abandoned, traded in, and could use your love! If you can't have a pet, you can help donate to their well-being! If you have a minute, check out PAWZ and their adorable line of clothing and accessories for dog lovers like you and me!

Come back in two weeks for another Friday Faves!

xoxo, Jess

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