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Compassion, love, selflessness.

Compassion, love, selflessness.

What do these words mean to you? Do you believe in them? Do you feel them? There have been times in my life where I have felt these toward other people, but the other day I felt them in a whole new way.

Tuesday April 18th, 2017

Tuesday April 18th, 2017 started out as any other day. I woke up a bit tired, and I had some things on my mind, but I hopped out of bed and got the day started. Had some breakfast, took a shower, worked out, then got started on work.

I worked on some boxes, spilled glitter everywhere, got stuck on ideas, took a break, had some lunch, then got back to work.

That afternoon my mom and I had plans to go for a walk in our neighborhood. We are very lucky to live in a gorgeous area that is very popular for walks because of it's stunning views of the ocean, cool breeze, and comfortable vibe. We also live near a nature preserve that has walking trails surrounded by lovely plants. We typically walk from our house to this cool spot and run up and down the hills there for a little exercise and as a stress reliever. This day I wasn't feeling like walking as far, but I told my mom I would go as far as I felt would work for that day. We walked and talked and I started to feel a bit better being outside and feeling the cool breeze on my face. I was feeling a little warm all day and thought I might be coming down with something.

As we kept walking, I remembered that driving past the nature preserve a few days before I witnessed some lovely yellow flowers blooming all over, no doubt due to the increase in rain in recent months. I had wanted to stop and check them out, and maybe take a few pics of them, but I hadn't gotten the chance yet. During the walk, I somehow got a little extra pep in my step and decided we should walk all the way and just check out the yellow flowers because I so desperately wanted to. She agreed, and we continued to walk.

We made it to the nature preserve and I walked through a small opening among the plants. There is a stone post of sorts upon entering the preserve and then a few signs describing some background information on the plants and animals, and how it got started.

I ended up not being too impressed with the flowers because they appeared to be a lot more sporadic in person, and it was mainly larger weeds surrounding the area so it would not have made a great photo. Just as I was turning around, a couple came walking by to leave the preserve, and another lady came walking in. I waited for them to pass, and then followed my mom back out on the other side.

Just before I left, I noticed something colorful out of the corner of my eye. I looked down and at the post at the entrance to the preserve, and noticed a small stone with a piece of paper attached to it shoved between an open space in the post. I wanted to grab it, but my mom showed a little concern and said "what if it was left there for someone specific." Not even thinking, I grabbed it anyways because I felt like I had to. Something about it was calling me, and it was really interesting that nobody else walking through had noticed it. I took off a rubber band wrapped around the stone and paper, and this is what it said:

"For someone very special: YOU!

You are receiving this handmade stone as a gift because You Are Loved! Someone made this just for you. Make a wish holding your gift, and know that YOU are a treasured gift to many others.

If you'd like to know more about where this stone came from, you can visit The Abundant Love Project on Facebook. Post your stone and story and inspire others."

I was intrigued and amazed, and honestly a little teary eyed. It was so special and sweet and something that somehow I absolutely needed in that moment. That day wasn't the greatest, and truthfully I have been having some off days overall in the last few weeks. I decided to checkout the Facebook page right then and there, and that is when the tears really started to come! There was a lovely woman who started The Abundant Love Project inspired by a rather difficult time in her life. You can read the story here. Basically, The Abundant Love Project has become a way of inspiring others, making a strangers day, and reminding us that we are special and loved, and we are not alone no matter what we are going through.

From Facebook: Mission :To touch the heart of individuals through a random act of kindness, and to let people know that no matter how bad their day is going, they are loved...and to keep going. They are worth it and their life matters to many.

One side of the stone is painted with lovely hearts and flowers, and the other side says You are Loved!

I knew that I just had to share this story with everyone, because it is such a special and sweet gesture that people all over the world are carrying out for complete strangers. It is such a beautiful thing that started from such tragedy and is now changing lives. To read more about The Abundant Love Project, please visit Facebook, or Instagram.

I know my day was turned around in that moment, and I truly believe my life was changed by this gesture and knowing that amazing, thoughtful, compassionate, and selfless people still exist. I think we could all use this lovely reminder that awesome things like this happen to normal people like myself everyday, and that just by going for a walk, your life could be changed in beautiful and positive ways. I believe that everything happens for a reason, and it is one of the ways in which I handle the not so good times in my life. I believe that on this day I made it to that specific place to come in contact with this stone and it's message. Keep believing my friends. Believe in miracles, believe in love, believe that everything happens for a reason! Life is beautiful, let's not waste another moment of it!

Always remember YOU ARE LOVED! ❤️

xo, Jess

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