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  • Jessica Isabel

Celebrating life's memorable moments.

The best gift ever?

Think back to the best gift you have received. Was it something you really wanted? Something really thoughtful? Whatever it was, you remembered it for a reason. If it wasn't that new doll that Jenny down the street had and you just had to have too, then I am willing to bet that it was something really meaningful that took a lot of care and consideration by the person who gave it to you. That feeling that you got, and that feeling that you can give, are two of the greatest feelings we can experience. Making life's memorable moments special is my goal at J. Isabel Designs. I want the gift box that I create for you and your loved ones to be the one that neither of you forget!

Gift Box

My dog is getting married?

You really can make a celebration out of anything! Your dog is getting married? Let's pawty! Your sister is adopting a cat? Get her a gift box filled with goodies for Whiskers! Why not celebrate all of life's special moments? It does not matter if it is a birthday, a wedding, a graduation, or simply a thank you for being you, there is a gift box for every occasion. Making someone feel special is one of the greatest gifts I think we can give ourselves. Don't you agree that when you give, you feel great?! I know I do! It is not always easy to find the perfect gift, and that is why awesome businesses like mine exist! We are here to help you celebrate, to help you give, and to help you show your love in creative ways!

Gift Box

Check out the shop and get started finding the perfect "Thank you," the sweetest"I love you," or the best "Congrats!"Don't see your theme? Have a unique occasion? That's ok! We do custom boxes too! Email to get started gifting unique and lovely gifts to your loved ones!

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