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  • Jessica Isabel

My favorite accessory!

I am on my phone 24/7 posting for my small business J. Isabel Designs including updating my audience with Instagram stories, adding ideas to my notes for future posts, and taking photos. I spend so much time on my phone ( like many of you ;) ) that I like to make sure it is custom to how I like it. I am always updating my background, organizing my apps a certain way, and I also like to choose a phone case that represents my style and vibe. Before I tried CaseApp, I had seen their iPhone cases on Instagram and I LOVED the patterns they offered. What I did not know is that they could also be customized! Now if you've been following me for a while you know that the name of my #smallbiz game is customization. I love creating custom gifts, so whenever I am offered the ability to customize something, I am all for it! There were a few case designs that I wanted to purchase ( like this adorable lemon option) , but I was also curious about making my own. I had to sit and think about what I would want to look at everyday.

I am really big into positivity lately, and a lot of my social media and business posts are centered around positive thoughts and ideas, and also living your best life. No not like a crappy bumper sticker, but literally. What can you do to bring more good energy into your life? I ask the question and then I do it. One thing that I have loved telling my audience and living by myself is the old "say yes" technique. Say yes to new adventures, new ideas, courageous steps, bold business moves, and meeting new people! Saying yes ( in moderation) is a great way to explore new aspects of life, ensure you never get stuck in a rut, and that you are always growing both personally and professionally.

So after thinking it through, I finally figured out the perfect custom iPhone case for me! I would incorporate the lifestyle I am living, and create something that would help keep me motivated. I chose black because it goes with everything, and then selected a font I loved, and the phrase ok, yes.

Why ok, yes? Because that is how I am living life. Ask me to try something. Ask me to adventure somewhere new. Ask me to take a risk in my business. The answer will be, ok, yes!

Want your own gorgeous custom iPhone case?

Try out theCaseApp customization feature or check out their wide variety of adorable and unique print options and get 20 % off using my code: JISABELDESIGNS20

xoxo, Jess

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