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  • Jessica Isabel

Beat the heat with super cute treats!

Hey Summer 2017! ☀️ 🌊 🍹 👙 Some of us are welcoming the warmer weather with open arms, and others are dreading the outdoors and blasting the A/C. I'm somewhere in the middle of both. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I have been loving my beach days and cannot wait to head out on my yearly vacation in a couple of weeks, but boy do I need to chill some days!

This summer has already been off to a great start with so many engagements, new little ones, and new homes being purchased, and I am just loving the summer vibes lately! I am super into bold colors, bright themes, and FUN for my gifts! Fun in the sun or out of the sun! This gift box screams both! Ready for some pool days and beach parties or simply sipping something yummy out of a cool glass in the middle of your living room. Hey, living it up indoors this summer is still living it up, as long as you are having fun with people you love!

Skinny margs and Sugarfina are all the rage right now ( Only in my household? No way right! 🍹) and this gift box has the perfect combo of both! Know a summer birthday guy or gal who could use a little kick start to the festivities? Need a cool host/ hostess gift for a backyard bash? Hey, you don't even need an occasion to purchase a cool gift box like this? Heck, get it for yourself! We all know you deserve it! 😉

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far and is spending quality time with friends and family! Whether you are going on a road trip, flying far away, or chillin' on the couch, time spent with those you care about is time well spent.

                                                    xo, Jess

✨ ✨

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