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  • Jessica Isabel


What does being authentic really mean?

Does it mean doing what everyone else does and calling it unique?


Does it mean stealing another's ideas and claiming them as your own?


Being authentic means being real and genuine. It means being you.

There is only one of you. One of you with your ideas. One of you with your eyes, and your smile, and your thoughts, and your emotions.

That is the you that you should share with the world.

Who really wants to see a bunch of copies?


We seek uniqueness and quirkiness, and yet we find ourselves copying others to fit into some mold.

We fear... There's that word again. We fear letting people in. We fear letting others know that we might not agree, or that we don't like those same things, and yet, we go with it anyways.


Do not fear being an individual. Do not fear being a standalone voice in a crowd. Do not fear bringing something new and fresh to the world. Welcome your own ideas, and others will be receptive to them as well. If you believe in yourself, there is really nothing that you cannot do.

That's all my dear friends. Believe in yourself. Really, truly, believe.

xoxo, Jess

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