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  • Jessica Isabel

A letter to... my mentors.

You two have been a shining light in my life for a few years now. I cannot thank you enough for the guidance, support, and love that you have shown me. You treat me like family, you love me like your own, and you have inspired me with your wit, enthusiasm, and the adventures that you have lived. I cannot begin to explain how much your wisdom has brought me peace and allowed me to remain optimistic for my future. The life that you have lived in your combined years is something that I can only dream of achieving one day. You have lived, loved, lost, been to hell and back, and now continue to bless those around you with the advice only you could give. I thank you for never making me feel crazy, for making me feel like enough when I don't feel like much, and for making me feel beautiful despite what the standards of society might make me think. It takes two beautiful souls like yours to convince me that I'm on the right path, that everything is going to be ok, and that my mistakes do not define me. I hold onto hope because I have you. You see right through bullshit, you tell me what you think, but never force me to adopt your ideals, and you always leave me feeling much better on the way out the door than coming in. I can share with you, be open, be vulnerable, and not feel judged one tiny bit. That is a rare thing to have and I am lucky enough to be blessed with that with the two of you. I love how you come as a package deal. I love when you argue over who has better advice for me, or which boy you think might treat me better. I especially love when you remind me that I don't need any of them at all. It's important for a girl to have strong women in her life that remind her how much she is worth, how far she can go, and how amazing she is. When I'm feeling down, when I need a safe place to be, or when I just need to sit and not say anything at all, you are there. They say people are put into your life for a reason, and I truly believe that you were sent to me because someone knew you that I would need you for the road ahead. I'm forever grateful for the lessons I've learned, the advice I have been given, and the love that has been shared from two beautiful strangers that have become like family. Thank you for being you. It has allowed me to be so much more me, than I ever felt I would be allowed.



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