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  • Jessica Isabel

A letter best friend.

Dear bestie,

I have very few people that I like to call my best friend, and you are one of them. You have been in my life for a few years and even though it isn't a lifetime, I feel as though it will last us one. You are one of the kindest, sweetest, care-free, loving, people that I have ever met. Your outlook on life, though potentially reckless at times, is often inspiring. You remain positive even when you're down. You see the good in others even when they hurt you. You forgive, you forget, you move on. You motivate me to seek my own true happiness and not let anybody else ruin that. You always listen intently. You give advice freely. You never judge. I appreciate you for that. I hope that I always do the same for you. I feel that we leave no topic untouched, no emotion left hidden, and are free to say and express what we please. That is what friends are for. We can go weeks without talking and still manage to pick up from the same place we left off. You never let me down, we celebrate each other's accomplishments, push each other to reach our goals, and have each others back when things get tough.

I admire your wild spirit, your ability to bring a shining light and smiles to any room or any face. Everyone adores you. They only remember fond times when they think of you. I never hear harsh words coming from those that speak of you, only that you are a free thinker and a little wild in spirit, but that is one of my favorite things about you. They are just jealous. LOL We need more people like you. People who are genuine, who love without hesitation, and who are open minded.

Your travels inspire me. You live life like every day may be your last and most people only dream of living that way. Even when you hurt, you find happiness. Even when you are down, you can lift others up. I hope that you always stay true to you because there are not enough people like you that this world so desperately needs. You're my favorite. I adore you. Your hugs are the best. Your words are the sweetest, and I am so lucky to have you in my life.

Love love love always,


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